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Midnight Eclipse
Jun 27, 2018
was elpis on old mkb, i don't really play the game much anymore because I have no reason or motivation to pick it up so I just lurk here for conversation and talk to people in a community I spent years in.

I played deluxe for fatal aces upon release until the team died out and I still play it every now and then to time trial, im not rusty or decayed in skill or anything, just not bothered to really play in teams much anymore, well unless some cool offer shows up that gets me motivated then maybe not.

currently I play overwatch competitively and starting to get into rainbow six siege. im more than happy to talk about or even play this with ppl and if y'all do feel free to hmu or even if its for anything ps4 in general

lotta wrongs and drama and shit happened on the old site for me, let's do it differently shall we? i'll forget any sorta bad and move on and open to talking to old people and meet some nice cool people here

see y'all round