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Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2018-12

Aug 6, 2018
Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2018-12!

And again I have managed to keep to the planned 3-month rhythm. And so I announce the appearance of MKW-Fun 2018-12. This time there are 18 new and 19 updated tracks. The rotation brings other 38 tracks back, so there are a total of 75 alterations over its predecessor.

All in all, thanks again to the many track writers and other helpers who made Wiimmfi and MKW-Fun possible.

The new MKW-Fun is available:
* Track list (website)
* Track list (text with slots)
* Download v1 (320 MB)
* Installation guide

The covers are in progress.

Have fun!!
Aug 6, 2018
Thread Starter #2
If you like to play MKW-Fun online, you can enter our rooms online!

We play every Wednesday (since 2010) and every Thursday (since 2012) in private rooms. We start at 19:30 CET/CEST. This is 17:30 UTC in the summer and 18:30 UTC in the Winter.

Room opener are Leseratte (FC 2880-9868-0945) and I (FC 0432-5226-7951). Best is to add both friend codes to your profile. Leseratte and I use OPENHOST, so we don't need your friend codes. You will see us only in your friend list, if you are using the same MKW-Fun version.

There exists a german thread at wii-homebrew.com: Wiimms Mario Kart Fun — Custom Track Turnier-Serie. Here you find the rarely announcements about changes. Important news will be available in German and English. If you have problems, read the last messages.

What: MKW-Fun 2018-12
Days: Every Wednesday and Thursday
Time: 19:30 CET (17:30 UTC in Summer, 18:30 UTC in Winter)
Friend codes to add: 0432-5226-7951 (Wiimm), 2880-9868-0945 (Leseratte).

You are welcome!