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Wiimmfi League moving to a CTGP-only League

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Media Staff
Former WL Staff
Jun 25, 2018
Thanks to a CTGP-update, we finally have the ability to play Cheat-free MKW on Reg tracks.
This update was the MyStuff indicator which is a host setting. This setting only allows players who load through CTGP with MyStuff turned off to join their room.
What this means is we can safely remove the entire conditional process so long as we are willing to move the league to CTGP-only.

We wanted to figure out just how many people in the league currently use CTGP compared to other methods of loading MKW so we posted a survey in the Wiimmfi League server and we have some figures to share.

This survey had 350+ total responses.
Out of those total responses:

24 people use Wiimmfi Disc Patcher
22 people use USB Loader GX/WiiFlow/CFG USB Loader
16 people use Dolphin
274 people use CTGP Revolution

More complete survey information here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15XRwf4AahEfiRQ8NzF3ayvKRwh51Xi-cSn8hshilvSg/edit?usp=sharing

There is a process where people who use Disc Patcher will be able to load through CTGP assuming they have an SD card (which Maidvelia will explain at some point before Season 14), so we hope that can reduce the number of people that would no longer be able to play.

From this data we can see somewhere between 38 and 62 people would be kicked from the league if we were to make the league CTGP-only (around 10-18% might not be able to play).
We are announcing this change early so there is a few months for people who wish to continue playing in the Wiimmfi League, but currently don't have the ability to load through CTGP, to buy a new Wii and disc.

Some other information to take into consideration:

There are a total of 626 people registered for teams currently in WL, only 350 of them responded to this survey.
Previous seasons show on average 55 people play in each division. We cut off the survey at 350 because a large portion of people on registered teams never play currently.
We have had 7 divisions in WL for a while now (55 avg players per division * 7 divisions = 385 expected to play), this season we have 8 divisions (55*8=440 expected to be active)

Now as for the positives of this move...

We will FINALLY have a cheat-free MKW league.
We've gone through years of false accusations, false bans, friendships ruined over calling someone a cheater. None of that needs to exist anymore.
We will be able to skip the 30 minutes of conditionals before matches as well as knowing for a fact no one in your league match is cheating.
Our current conditional method is good enough, but it's also a placebo. ISO users are still able to cheat even with all the preventative measures we currently have in place.

Regular tracks will have a cheat-free competitive league for the first time in the history of MKW.

Finally, we will also provide examples of deals via a spoiler below.
The guide of installing CTGP-Revolution onto your Wii will also be provided, adding onto the fact that acquiring a Wii along with CTGP-Revolution on it is not too expensive or hard of a task to perform.

Guide to installing CTGP-Revolution on your console: http://chadsoft.co.uk/install-guide/

The list of people that in particular were notified due to their known usage of either an ISO and/or the Dolphin Emulator:

(some people's MKB accounts couldn't be found unfortunately.)

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