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why did stunky get a 10 page thread but charles didn't?


rip jah peep and etika
Jun 24, 2018
stunky, at age 17 exposed his manhood to a 15 year old and gets a 10 page mkb thread of people shitting on him and telling him what a disgusting human being he is

charles, at age 20+ exposed his manhood to a 14 year old, no thread

Jun 25, 2018
Twitter beef got a lot of attention on wZ Charles getting exposed. Didn't get enough attention on the Boards even when he was brought up.

Edit: What I mean on the twitter beef is that he got a lot of attention on Twitter since it started from there and wasn't really brought up on boards as much as it should have with the others on that sicko list. Kinda is controversial when you have people who are still friends with Charles still defending him because it was "old news" and was "already exposed before".
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