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Welcome to Mario Kart Boards

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Jun 24, 2018
Hello and welcome to Mario Kart Boards!
Please feel free to make yourself a thread and tell us a little about who you are. Our welcoming community will be happy to help get you situated.

Some things to help get you started:
  • Which Mario Kart game(s) do you like to play?
  • Why did you join Mario Kart Boards? Where or how did you hear of us?
  • Do you play in the competitive scene? Are you part of a team?
  • What kind of interests do you have outside of Mario Kart?
  • Do you play any other games?
  • Are you a part of any other gaming community?

Feel free to ask any questions you may have within your thread, as well.
Or, if you'd rather, you can also ask them in the Mario Kart Boards Questions thread located on the forum.

We hope you enjoy your time here on the forum! :)
Not open for further replies.