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Website connection issues [fixed]


professional c dio boia supporter
Jun 3, 2018
Battle Alliance
I have finally found a solution to the connection problems that some users have.

I'll make the story easy and short. Our website is hosted on a server in Italy (Milan, if you care) and the hosting company has some firewalls. They are needed because they protect the server from various problems and of course they increase the security.

Recently our host have decided to add another more powerful firewall which is called Barracuda and it's a worldwide firewall system (pretty famous to be very good).

This firewall basically have a list of IPs that are marked as "bad" because they can be associated to spam/virus/phishing or other bad things. If you cannot open mariokartboards it's because of this firewall. This explains why:

1. You can access with a VPN (you access mkb with another IP which is not yours)
2. You can access via mobile devices (you have a different IP, it's not the same that your "router" gives you)

I am not going in the details, I'll just say the following. Your ISP (the company that gives you an internet access) gives you a "public IP" that you use to surf in the net. If this ip is in the ban list of the firewall, you won't be able to open the website.


I have asked Sane to test this and we've got success. Follow these steps:

1. Open http://www.barracudacentral.org/lookups and type in your IP to check if your IP is banned. You can get your IP online on websites like whatsmyip. You can get your IP also at this https://www.netsons.com/ip.php

2. If you cannot open mariokartboards, 99% you are banned. Once you have checked that your IP is banned, you can appeal at Barracuda (= ask to remove your IP from the blacklist = be unbanned).

3. Once you'll have sent the request, just wait 48 hours (or a few more) to be unbanned. Barracuda has firewalls spreaded in the world and the update takes hours, just wait.

Sane has done this and now he can load mariokartboards.

By the way, you should do this in any case even if you don't plan to visit mariokartboards anymore becuase if you'd open another website with this kind of firewall, you won't load it.

Your IP may be on that list because the ISP has given you and IP that was previously held by someone with a bad reputation (virus or spam or idk). This is a possible cause which doesn't depend from us (neither from you actually) but from the IP assignment provided by the ISP.


This is the email that you will receive after the appeal (the confirmation). This email has been sent to Sane after the request. He had to wait almost 3 days but he is now unbanned.
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