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[W9] XF-354 378-VB2

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Jun 25, 2018
Abyssal Ruins
λρ ~ λρocalypse / sσρ ~ Succeed or Perish

Capture (1).png

unknown (1).png
unknown (2).png
unknown (3).png

unknown (4).png

Sky9 Blued in first by own teammate = no 100 pts.
kanto is kanto
Ivan is GOAT
Scott Shlags
Kevin Frontruns then get killed by blue or shock or me
last race Link picks dsdh when everyone else picks rbc


GL to XF for week 10
per 20 euro jadid ottiene tutte le cose che vedi quiuna migliore connessione e goldens in 5 ° grazie jadid per foto e altre cose grazie ciao.
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Jun 25, 2018
Immer has been found to (technically) have used an unregistered FC.
However, since the wiimmfi picture of the W3 match proved that the console owner is actually Immer, he will be given two strikes respectively.

While an FC Update was actually submitted, it wasn't Immer who did it but another person which, according to our rules, is not permitted:

As mentioned earlier, this will also apply for W3 so Immer will be given a match ban for W10 for having acquired 2 strikes.

No further penalties will be given.

Also: In order to have this FC Update go through smoothly, we heavily recommend that Immer himself posts a confirmation (of sorts) on the FC Update thread.
Not open for further replies.