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[W7] sop 323 - 409 mpjbd


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Jun 24, 2018


- Daseia was at a furry convention so he couldn't play :(
- Pascal called shock too many times
- I got the tryhard curse so Logan got 9th place shocks and then 10th place shocks when i forgot how to backwards
- Torp is still good
- Sky9 avenue was played
- The populist right wing parties are slowly gaining support which could mean political instability for the entire world



There once was a young Cambodian man. His name was Logan.

fuck this man. he absolutely fucked me over in every sense of the word

he hit me up before the match with a proposition that I was required to decline due to the intense fascist policies enforced by the sop regime.

he also absolutely gnomed me with a quick message edit

also we stalled epic style lol

it was a good video :)

So, the match was due to begin. I set up my highly top secret stream (with CALL) and linked it to my fellow comrades of the state. The salt levels got higher once the match went on. The rule of my very private stream was to increase the size of a dancing salt boi once i didnt get the shock. This was the result

almost as big as pascals ego

But this was not the end! We got Sky9! He can bring it back!

-25, 3 races left. LETS FUCKING DO THIS

So yes, we lost! This is a sad defeat but! its not over! we can still push on and get the elusive first place and show everyone that sop (Socialist Order of Pascal) is the greatest regime ever formed. Ich liebe die mutter reich!

its gulag time

congratulations to the dinosaurs, fair play, better team lost won



in all seriousness ggs boys, fun match