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[W5] kn 388 - Kl 266

Jun 27, 2018

We picked a track not on the tracklist so take 20 points off.

Sal 43 | Aaron 2 | freak 2


-they picked rs and we let them host
-ggs, never had to organize a more bullshit match, with them tryna take a free w without even telling us they made thread. Don't be a scumbag next time.
rip my 4g @Jadid


Active member
MKPS Staff
Jun 25, 2018
Given that this is a Video including all trolling claims in one swoop, we will be keeping our verdicts on each claim short and base them off of prececents:

- The Box Steal on Zatlo will be penalised with -5 given that the opposing bagger was racing forwards with him.
- The bill hitting Zatlo was deemed to be sufficient enough with the pov we received and will receive a -20 penalty.

- Joris getting billed in the second clip was also deemed clear enough by us and will therefore also receive a -20 penalty.

- Sal getting bumped by Freak will be penalised with -5, much like the Box steal on Zatlo.

- Sal's box getting "stolen" by Freak will not be penalised as we do not agree with an actual box steal having taken place there given his own line, the amount of other boxes available and the box that the opposing bagger went for in the first place.

All of this amounts to a total amount of -50, changing the results to the following:

kn 388 - 266 KI