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[W3] Mw 430 - 232 Ls


Lounge Staff
Jun 24, 2018
Fredericia, Denmark
I thought that me hitting a crate and falling off in first on tf lap 3 would be the biggest bummer of this war but it didnt take long for someone to correct me on that


Active member
MKPS Staff
Jun 25, 2018
As this seems to be a reoccuring thing (D5 had a case of this as well), we will keep it short this time:

Each hit that Daze got off in total (3), namely in the 2nd and 3rd gif provided for us will be penalised with -20.
Each attempt regardless of having missed or not (1), referring to the 1st gif in particular will be penalised with -10.
A total amount of -70 will be applied to Ls for blatantly trolling Mw on rSL.

Daze will also be receiving a match ban for W4 matches due to this.
Should he play nevertheless, he will be treated as an illegal player for that week and that'll be punished accordingly.
The remainder of the lu remains unpunished until further notice.

Results will be changed to:

Mw 430 - 232 Ls