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[W2] XF1 348 - 364 RS

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Jun 25, 2018

- Masq DC'd first race gp3
- 2 of us DC'd and the room crashed the first race afterwards, so no pic was taken
- I subbed Masq for races 10-12
- Online bagged 3 races and I ran 3 races please give him indivs thanks​

thanos car

edit- thank you RS for reschedule, much appreciated x


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Lounge Staff
Jun 25, 2018
Leaving all things aside a similar case to this seems to have occured which I will provide below with a short tl;dr:


The tl;dr here is basically that an (unnecessary) 13th race was played which wasn't even required to be played due to a race that was believed to not count did in fact count, hence ut's victory as opposed to VA's victory

Based on the case that RS gave us as well as the video proof...


…we're able to tell which spots were acquired by which person respectively.

1st - KA (Becky)
2nd - DaNii
3rd - Bernhard
4th - crisis
5th - GLORii (Protege)
6th - Online (Callum)
7th - Lumi
8th - Sean
9th - Masq
10th - StripE

How spots were assigned to players (via physical and minimap proof):
- 1st and 2nd can be clearly seen without any room for doubt.
- 3rd was given to Bernhard as he ended up beating crisis on his screen (timers also support this as well as Bernhard zooming up on crisis's screen)
- 4th was therefore given to crisis
- 5th is the same case as 1st and 2nd
- 6th is given to Online due to him passing Lumi in a Star while Lumi hit a banana on the line
- 7th is given to Lumi because 8th can be seen stopping at the final straight for some reason while Lumi keeps Spinning out due to him being hit by the banana as well as Online's star
- 8th is therefore given to Sean
- 9th and 10th are proven through StripE's pov

The "true" GP3 would therefore include...
- the rMC3 race above
- the rBC race that we just went over (no pic, only spots)
- and the two races before Luigi Circuit


We will also provide logs that directly dealt with this particular race in question as well as proof that rBC was indeed picked twice


Based on the proof that has been given to us, the WL Council initially believes that RS should've raised questions about whether this race does indeed count or not when this happened as opposed to saying nothing.
However, it is also true that we as the WL Council were not properly notified about the incident when this should have actually happened.
XF were in no position to call this race a "no count" especially with the proof that had existed for it.

As rBC ended up being repicked after assuming it wouldn't count, a -20 penalty will be applied by us to Crossfire.
Again, this should have gone through the WL Council first instead of just deciding out of the blue that it wouldn't count.
The fact that no results screen showed up isn't enough to warrant a no count if respective evidence for everyone'e spots exists.

To reflect all of these changes, a corrected table will be provided:

Results will therefore be:

XF1 348 - 364 RS
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