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[W2] mpjbd 355 - 357 sop

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Jun 24, 2018

notes -
Logan = SparX



New member
Jun 25, 2018
New Jersey
Literally outplayed the shit out of your team for 2 laps and got first on a running track (also a Daisy track btw) from 8th when you had shock. Winning the race from that position is a statistical anomaly especially since you got a dropped star from OUR bagger in 1st. Me being good has nothing to do with the fact that the bagger went tight and pushed me off in first to 8th place with nothing I could have done on a track where staying in first place is by FAR the best way to win. If I had less game sense and didn't predict your shock to save the race for my team, or decided to use the star earlier in a different spot, that shouldn't change the value of the penalty simply because of a completely unrelated incident a lap later. Also, if you observe the exact same corner on lap 3, your bagger took the same exact line and came pixels from bumping me off again, showing he was being extremely reckless and deserves to be penalized for doing so. And @council if you want what happens the lap after to influence the amount of the penalty, then maybe you should take into account that you literally robbed us of a division win last season after we already won. Any events that occur before or after the penalty should in no way determine how much the penalty is worth. In the current situation the penalty is clearly a -20, and if you try to make the argument that getting BUMPED OFF THE TRACK "helped me" win the race, then you clearly are trying to rely on irrelevant information to steal a hard fought win from sop yet again.

GGs SY nice running ;)
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