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[W2] I$2 421 - C9 247 [✓]

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MKPS Staff
CTL Staff
Jun 25, 2018
Dino missed races 11 and 12, he is rewarded with +6 points.

New Match score: I$2 421 - 297 C9

Otherwise, scores and such are good, match is approved.

Trolling from the post above is being discussed and will be posted at a later time.
Good luck to both teams in future matches.


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MKPS Staff
Jun 25, 2018
We've been given a case of intentional trolling by C9 solve -- the WL Council will provide the instances which they would like to penalise with -20 each and we will give additional Information as to what happens:


As explained in the beginning, both cases will be penalised with -20 without any room for doubt due to both instances being intentional.
There were further attempts of trolling on Pascal as well as on Storm which can mainly be found in lap 3.

However, Storm's case would be a minimap-only case -- I used my mouse to indicate where Storm could've been hit by solve which we won't count though.

While the third time solve tried hitting Pascal wasn't a confirmed troll, we're keeping in mind that these cases are blatantly intentional which is why we will apply an additional -10 for this particular case

Moreover, solve will be striked for his disruptive behaviour as we do not approve of this sort of behaviour in a league environment.
Due to this, he has accumulated 2 strikes, effectively banning him for W3.
Should be participate in W3 nevertheless, we will treat him as an illegal player for said week and this will receive its proper penalty + additional consequences (potentially) as well.

Results will change to:

I$2 421 - 247 C9
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