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[W1] sσρ 367 - 215 EA

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Jun 25, 2018

Due to Leon having participated in this, a penalty worth of 150 will have to be given to EA.
While the past seasons of WL may have banned people only from RTWL if they cheated, this doesn't apply for this season, seeing how both RTWL and CTWL are played on CTGP.

The assumption would be to have players unbanned because CTGP is cheat-free but the WL Council bans people on both formats precisely because we believe that we should be harsh on people and punish them accordingly instead of just letting it pass "because it's CTGP-only now".

We don't intend to encourage malicious behaviour outside of WL and banning on either CTWL-only or RTWL-only makes the least sense; either you ban people on both (which is what we do) or you don't ban them at all (which is what we would like to avoid).

Results will change to:

sop 367 - 215 EA
Not open for further replies.