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Time Trials [revamping]


~Queen of the Wheel~
Jul 1, 2018
South London ξnds
Currently Updating :)
:flagUS:Triclops [Free Agent]
:wheel: Player
Previously known as: Light | Yohane | Thief | Alumi

Times in bold are those I want to improve most

Mushroom Cup
Luigi Circuit:
Moo Moo Meadows: 1:19.916
Mushroom Gorge (glitch): 0:55.399
Mushroom Gorge (no-glitch): 1:51.613
Toad's Factory: 1:55.106

Flower Cup
Mario Circuit (glitch):
Mario Circuit (no-glitch): 1:23.960
Coconut Mall (glitch): 0:54.774
Coconut Mall (no-glitch): 2:03.099
DK Summit: 2:01.144
Wario's Gold Mine (glitch): 1:15.180
Wario's Gold Mine (no-glitch): x:xx.xxx

Star Cup
Daisy Circuit: 1:34.257
Koopa Cape: 2:27.145
Maple Treeway (glitch): x:xx.xxx
Maple Treeway (no-glitch): 2:24.544
Grumble Volcano (glitch): 0:25.746
Grumble Volcano (no-glitch): (tba)

Special Cup
Dry Dry Ruins: 1:59.757
Moonview Highway: 1:51.853
Bowser's Castle (glitch): x:xx.xxx
Bowser's Castle (no-glitch): 2:28.567
Rainbow Road: 2:37.282

Shell Cup
GCN Peach Beach (glitch): x:xx.xxx
GCN Peach Beach (no-glitch): 1:15.512
DS Yoshi Falls: 1:01.305
SNES Ghost Valley 2 (glitch): x:xx.xxx
SNES Ghost Valley 2 (no-glitch): 0:54.008
N64 Mario Raceway: 1:45.856

Banana Cup
N64 Sherbet Land (glitch): x:xx.xxx
N64 Sherbet Land (no-glitch): 2:09.362
GBA Shy Guy Beach: 1:24.575
DS Delfino Square: 2:08.924
GCN Waluigi Stadium: 1:58.432

Leaf Cup
DS Desert Hills: 1:41.278
GBA Bowser Castle 3: 2:11.245
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway (glitch): x:xx.xxx
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway (no-glitch): 2:19.037
GCN Mario Circuit: 1:36.699

Lightning Cup
SNES Mario Circuit 3: 1:19.917
DS Peach Gardens: 2:05.5xx (update later)
GCN DK Mountain (glitch): x:xx.xxx
GCN DK Mountain (no-glitch): 2:16.747
N64 Bowser's Castle: 2:38.221
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