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This should be here for MK7


New member
Nov 2, 2018
Mk7 should have the clan guidelines posted when and if it ever gets revived
This is almost the same thing with a few tweaks :/
Hi and welcome to the MK7 clans section. We have some general guidelines in this section, which are the following:

- You may only create a clan once every 4 months.
- Clan revamps (a new thread, name, identity, etc) can only be done 4 months after a clan's creation.

In addition to the above criteria for thread creation, we have added criteria for thread approval as well:

- You must have your tag on the thread if not already included in the thread title.
- You must have a minimum of 4 members listed on the thread (we chose this limit since the most popular size of wars is 4-versus-4).
- Clan names must be kept formal.
- Thread titles must be 50 characters or less.

Clans are what fuel the competitive nature of our community. While we aren't trying to restrict your fun with these rules/guidelines, we ask that teams uphold themselves with a level of professionalism for the sake of newcomers around us and people outside of the community stopping by.

Happy clanning!

OG Post: https://forums.mkboards.com/threads/read-first-mk7-clans-guidelines.28058/