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The MarioKartFan Mania Discord Server

Jul 21, 2018
Machesney Park, Illinois
The MarioKartFan Mania, for those of you who may not know, is a name I came up for my youtube and twitch subscribers/followers. My discord server is where my viewers, as I call them "The MarioKartFan Maniacs" hang out and interact with me either when I'm making a video for a collab with them, streaming, or just behind the scenes. You too can be a MarioKartFan Maniac by joining my discord server, The MarioKartFan Mania Discord Server. Fee Free to join it anytime as its my main hangout. In there, we play more than just mario kart wii and 8 deluxe, but a variety of games and interact in many ways. Feel Free to share the invite link around. I hope to see you there. https://discord.gg/XKjTmPv