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"The Disc Drive Appears to Have Stalled"


New member
Jan 15, 2019

I've been having a problem with loading my MyStuff folder in CTGPR. Before today, I had 32 custom textures for each Nintendo track, with custom music for most of them. When I had this, it would sometimes stall the disc drive, but after a few tries, it would work.Before I added all these, I had a giant custom pack and it was working fine, but I got rid of it because most of the textures were distracting and too much.

Today, I added a few custom szs files (Title, revo_kart, Race, MenuSingle, etc.) and some character textures (ones I have used before, so I knew they'd work.), and I'm now getting a stall every time. I deleted all the textures for the tracks, and some of the multi-layer custom music, since they were giving me the problems before. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

I use a PNY 16GB SDHC card. I know SD works better, but I wasn't able to find a regular SD card with that much storage when I bought it.

If someone could help me fix or figure it out, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thank you.