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Super Eurobeat Music Pack/Textures


Jun 25, 2018
Succeed or Perish
This music pack was created to combine two epic things, racing and eurobeat. These Eurobeat songs are chosen because they are epic and not overplayed. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact me on discord @ KingEpix#4591

*There will soon be a video showcasing all the brstms/brsar


Music List:
Luigi Circuit: Initial D: Jumping of the Nations

Moo Moo Meadows: Initial D: Max Power

Mushroom Gorge: David Dima: King of the World

Toad's Factory: Cody: Fighting!

Mario Circuit: Initial D: Jumping of the Nations

Coconut Mall: Za-Za: Love and Money

DK Snowboard Cross: Initial D: Everybody’s Warming

Wario's Goldmine: Dark Angels: Right Now

Daisy Circuit: David Dima: Dancing On The Street

Koopa Cape: MEGA NRG MAN: DDD Initial D

Maple Treeway: Cherry: Set Me Free

Grumble Volcano: D7AAX: Burning of the Night

Dry Dry Ruins: Go Go Girls - One Night in Arabia

Moonview Highway: Initial D: Wheelpower and Go

Bowser's Castle: Niko: Night of Fire

Rainbow Road: Initial D: Dance Around the World


GCN Peach Beach: Initial D: Speedy Speed Boy

DS Yoshi Falls: Dave Rogers: Eldorado

SNES Ghost Valley II: Initial D: Lost into the Night

N64 Mario Raceway: Niko: Speedway

N64 Sherbet Land: Manuel: Hysteria

GBA Shy Guy Beach: Nutty: Secret Love

DS Delfino Square: Cherry: Dance Dance same here

GCN Waluigi Stadium: Initial D: Speed of Light

DS Desert Hills: Initial D: Chemical Love

GBA Bowser's Castle III: Ken Blast: The Top

N64 DK Jungle Parkway: Initial D: Spitfire

GCN Mario Circuit: Matt Land: City Love City Rider

SNES Mario Circuit 3: Initial d: Adrenaline

DS Peach Gardens: Black Eva: Love Peace and Gun

GCN DK Mountain: Go2: Power

N64 Bowser's Castle: Stephy Martini: Mad Desire

Delfino Island: Dave Simon: I Need your love

Stone Route: GO2: Power

Disco Fever: Neo- Disco Fire

Tick Tock Clock: Initial D- Chemical Love

Sea Stadium- Speed of Light



Main Menu: Ace- Futureland SEB Edition

Single Player: Niko- Made of Fire

Star Music: Susan Bell- My Only Star

Mega Music: Mega NRG Man: I’m Back

Online Music: Tatsh & NAOKI - RED ZONE

Wifi Waiting Music/Ghost Replay: Daniel: Fullmetal Cars

Wifi Waiting for Race to Start: Delta Queens: Hello! Hello!

1st Place Finish: Lou Master- Up and Dance, Up and Go

Mid-Position Finish: Chris T: I Wanna be the Night

Bottom Position Finish: m.o.v.e.- Rage your Dream

Race Intro TTs: Dave Rodgers: Race of the Night

TT Winning Music: Initial D: Super Rider

TT Losing Music: Pamsy - So Fragile

Initial D Title Screen Texture
*IMPORTANT* Depending on your Region change Title_U to the appropriate name
e.g. If you have a PAL German Wii you change it to Title_G.szs
E=English PAL
U=English NTSC
S=Spanish PAL
F=French PAL
Q=French NTSC
M=Spanish NTSC

Initial D MenuSingle
Do NOT use a custom font with this menusinge.szs because it will most likely make mkwii crash. I do not know how to fix it so bear with me. If you know how to and are whiling to help me fix it contact me through my discord above.
Credits to Hoesay for the Backmodel.szs and borders for the Menusingle

Made by Daseia and Epix
Jun 25, 2018
Succeed or Perish
Thread Starter #3
I made some new BRSTMs a while ago but never uploaded them. Well, here they are. Enjoy!
BA Bowser's Castle 3: Under the Power of my Heart - Tipsy & Tipsy
Moo Moo Meadows: Never Ending Story - Lou Hunter
GCN Peach Beach: Too Young to Fall in Love - Dejo
N64 Mario Raceway: Superfantastico - Matt Land
GCN Waluigi Stadium: Tearful Eyes - Les
Koopa Cape: Sky High - Newton