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Council Stunky


Thanks for the chance
Jun 3, 2018
Hey there everyone, Stunky here with the traditional application every time council spots come up.

What can I bring to the table?:
- A wide range of experiences in roles all across the board meaning I have a wider understanding of the power Council have on other roles even outside of the obvious league format. This is useful as it will assist communication between groups.
- Experience in the role itself meaning I don't need to be trained.
- A lot of passion, hard work and commitment. I've been doing it in WL since June 2015, and I've not stopped fighting for improved standards in the group since.
- A lot of game knowledge and experience away from simply how to be the quickest. This has already come in use multiple times for the council in numerous tests over the years, and to this day I get tagged by certain people to explain systems. Knowledge of things like MKW-Ana, the inner workings of things like Dolphin, and the willingness to test and experiment to further improve knowledge levels is key and, especially in a group fighting to improve competitive integrity, these kind of things should be basic knowledge to some.
- A high standard of work. I like to push and drive for the best for the community where possible, and did that on a number of occasions in my past placement on Council, among other roles. Whereas this may lead to arguments at times, I feel that debate is much more important than allowing people to say yes without asking some of the key questions, potentially letting sub-par work slip through.

What meaningful experience do I have?:
- WL Council (Numerous seasons, RTs and CTs)
- WL Manager (Since the league restructure)
- WL Registration Admin (Since Season 7, as a manager soon after that start date)
- WL Division Admin (Numerous seasons, wide range of divisions)
- Wiimmfi Moderator assisting in the scanning of many consoles for lounge, WL and other events.
- Admin of a few minor leagues prior to Wiimmfi.
- Playing the game since launch, having watched leagues most of the time and signing up myself in 2012, so reasonable competitive experience including knowledge on past cases. Custom Track experience also lengthy, having played them since 2010.
- Most of the above experience is whilst playing in a low tier of competitive, something I still do reasonably actively now.

What vision/improvements/ideas do I already have to suggest?
- Lists for conditionals and bans need to be labelled clearer. It was suggested basically half a year ago by myself and approved as an idea but never put in to practice, it's really important for there to be a key so people know who's banned from what, how long they're banned for, if they're entitled to appeal, etc. as not only does it assist WL, it also assists the competitive environment in general.
- Tutorials for things need to be made clearer, perhaps even visually, to assist the language barriers within the community. We've seen language issues used as a reason for a few claims in the past few seasons, and especially now that there are heightened expectations for all hosts and players, the tutorials and effort to teach people needs to reach that same quality.
- Certain ideas need to go back to the drawing board. We've already had suggestions and feedback saying that perhaps the balance between 6 team and 8 team divisions were wrong, we initially had feedback that people wanted a proper preliminary seedings period back, all these kinds of things need discussing to see if there's anything that can be done to improve them, whether it's improving the newer systems or reverting to the original ones.
- Communication, both to other staff groups and the community in general needs further improving, as this season the basics like playoffs have been misunderstood by some teams, something that the league can't really afford to happen. As said, that requires people who have experience in the roles being able to flag up when a change may or may not impact other groups, and I fit in to that.

Why have I applied?:
This is an important time not only for competitive Mario Kart, but for the game in general. With all the improved security on show, and all the higher standards people expect others to perform by, there's a need for experienced figures with a no-nonsense attitude, able to slot in with little need to readjust/train prior to being able to make an impact and assist. The league has come a long way since the improvements were initially being made, and now is the time to push for the best environment we can get, and with my experience, skills, communication and ideas, I believe I have what it takes to look at our successes in the last few seasons, and assist in making them long term as opposed to the short term tweaks that have happened each season recently.

Thank you for taking the time to read my application, feel free to ask whatever questions you may have (so long as they're not going to somehow violate site rules), if anyone wants to contact me on Discord my contact is Stunky#4913