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StrawPoll: How long should Jos/Jack be banned?


New member
Jun 25, 2018
Hello, here's a message from the staff team. ^^

We want to apologize for the rushed banning of Jack and Jos. Staff was pretty split on the decision, and individual staff members' opinions who disagreed with the banning weren't well conveyed in discussion before the bans were handed out. Especially in light of recent events and in accordance with laws and ToS, the urgency to deal with such issues and the initial disturbance of seeing the NSFW media overcame as initial reactions, leading to a hasty and unjust decision. (For my personal opinion here, Jos and Jack didn't have any negative intentions -- just having fun, even though the media got a little graphic -- but nothing that involved wanting to harm anybody. I do apologize for not stepping up more before the bans, and I'm sure there are other staff members who feel the same. >< )

There was debate over what was an overextension of our boundaries and what wasn't. To prevent future decisions from being rushed down the line, the staff team will deliberate further issues more thoroughly, while also taking more time to consider issues before taking direct action to prevent initial reactions from overshadowing justice. The staff, along with our new recruits, will also learn how to communicate more effectively to prevent similar mistakes from happening again. We'll discuss changes to the current ruleset so cases are treated more appropriately.


Active member
MKPS Staff
Jun 24, 2018
An MKB ban is counter intuitive in that its goal is to make individuals change their behavior, but that's been proven to not work so all it ends up doing is preventing people from playing in an already dying league. I guarantee the lesson being learned here is not "wow I shouldn't post pictures of shit on the internet."

In other words, banning someone is useless today and will only speed up the process of the community dying. I'd rather see the staff's efforts be put towards something other than banning someone who posted a NSFW .jpg in a discord server that is unrelated to MKB.