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Staff Changes, Apps Open!


Triple OwO
Jun 3, 2018
Hello there everyone, Stunky here with another announcement on behalf of site staff!

Staff Departures
In the last few weeks site staff have been looking at progression, and unfortunately that means we've had to let go of @Killua and @Rush for the time being. We'd like to thank them for the services and wish them the best of luck in the future.

Staff Applications Open
Due to the recent changes and departures, we're now looking for moderators! This window of applications is going to have a general focus, we're not specifically looking for any particular community area, and are instead keeping our possible pathways as open as possible. We want to be able to represent the community appropriately as a staff group, and thus people from all community areas are welcome to apply.

We'd like to make this window slightly quicker than some have been in the past due to other progressions we're looking at making behind the scenes which you'll hear about in the near future, so:
- We intend for the deadline for applications to be 11:59pm EDT on Friday, 12th April 2019. This allows us to (ideally) make decisions that weekend.
- We will be performing interviews (if we see any necessary) throughout this week of the process.
- We do not have a specified number of moderators we're looking to take, nor do we have a specific area of the community to focus on people from.

If you're interested please apply at https://mariokartboards.com/forums/mario-kart-boards-staff.14/ and be sure to read the sticky in that section for more information. Any extra questions, ask site staff! Best of luck to those who apply!

Feedback Welcome!
I know we say it a lot, but we do try to represent the community, and this involves listening to all of the feedback. If you have any suggestions or improvement ideas for the site, don't be afraid to submit them to a member of staff, or post them at https://www.mariokartboards.com/forums/suggestions-and-feedback.7/

We're looking forward to improving the site, we're looking forward to seeing your applications, and we're looking forward to announce exciting developments as and when they come up!