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Staff Applications Open Again, and more!


Thanks for the chance
Jun 3, 2018
Hello again everyone, apologies we haven't made too many announcements recently, this one's a pretty important one though as we've got to announce that Staff Applications are open!

Staff Applications Open
We haven't had any departures from the role recently, so don't panic, but we've decided that the number of staff we have is not enough for us to focus on the amount of work we're looking towards doing in the future months, thus we need to open staff applications.

This window is focused mainly on players of Mario Kart Wii from any aspect, whether it's TTs, online competitive, online casual, RT focus, CT focus, anything at all. We're looking to develop the site to support a much wider range of players, and thus don't worry if you haven't played in many clans in the past, as you're still going to be valued as worthwhile applicants!

To allow people reasonable time to consider their applications, we will be opening applications from the point of this post being made, until 11:59pm Eastern Time on Monday 3rd December 2018. Things like text-based interviews will be done during this time frame also where possible, and thus if you're unavailable to answer for a time period please let us know in your threads so as we know to wait.

We haven't got a specific amount of people we're looking to bring in, so feel free to apply regardless as to how many others have applied prior.

If you're interested please apply at https://mariokartboards.com/forums/mario-kart-boards-staff.14/ and be sure to read the sticky in that section for more information. Any extra questions, ask site staff!

- Staff apps open until Monday 3rd December 2018, 11:59pm ET.
- No limit to the number of staff we're wanting to bring in.
- Apps mainly focused on Mario Kart Wii players, all areas of the game.
- Apply at https://mariokartboards.com/forums/mario-kart-boards-staff.14/
- Interviews (text-based) will happen during the application period so let us know if you can't be there for a few days so we wait until you're free.
- Please ask staff if there are any questions.

Suggestions Welcome
As we said in one of our last announcements, suggestions for the site and surrounding areas are more than welcome, and we're committed to ensuring that we can provide the best service possible through the ideas given.

Please feel free to send suggestions either in this thread, directly to staff, or in the section at https://mariokartboards.com/forums/suggestions-and-feedback.7/

Things to look forward to
Whereas we may not have a significant amount of physical things to show currently, we're working on a number of things that you can expect to hear more about shortly, including (but not limited to):
- The thread for the Holiday tournament, which will be hosted in the middle of December.
- Increased numbers of tutorials and help threads for a wide range of areas.
- Work on a number of suggestions given already.
- A few extra programmed tools to assist in the leagues and tournaments.
- We'll soon be getting feedback about whether people want a Mario Kart World Cup 2019 to happen.

As we expand our horizons and gain more staff and suggestions, we hope that this list will grow more and more and we'll be able to provide more regular feedback and extra features, in order to benefit the Mario Kart communities as a whole.

Thank you for reading this announcement, if you have any questions or suggestions please let us know, hope you all have a good day, and to all who apply, we wish you the best of luck!