Spart's music pack

Jun 25, 2018
Untouchables/υτ Explorers of Time/EXO
Hello everyone, I started to create my own music pack it looks pretty slick right now. I dont have a lot of music but ill post what i have at the moment.

Luigi circuit:
moo moo meadows:
Mushroom Gorge:
Toad's Factory:

DK summit:
Coconut mall:
Wario's goldmine:

Daisy circuit:
Koopa cape:
Grumble volcano:
Maple treeway:

Dry dry ruins:
Moonview highway:
Bowser castle:
Rainbow road:

GCN peach beach:
DS yoshi falls:
SNES Ghost valley 2:
N64 mario raceway:

N64 sherbet Land:
GBA shy guy Beach:
DS delfino square:
GCN waluigi stadium:

DS Desert hills:
GBA Bc3:
N64 DK's jungle parkway:
GCN Mario circuit:

SNES mc3:
DS peach gardens:
GCN DK mountain:
N64 Bowser castle:

winning 1st:
winning 2nd to 5th:
Bad race:

Work is still in progress.....
ill do a download if enough people wants it once finished
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