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Smash.gg and Mario Kart Wii


New member
Jan 21, 2019
Hello! I'm Dartremix, and I'm an online tournament organizer for various Nintendo Switch games. Currently, I am organizing a huge online event for the eSports organization I am a part of, and I want to include Mario Kart Wii (as I just got a new Wii + MKWii + CTGP and am LOVING it). I have been researching possible rulesets and would love to collaborate with Mario Kart Wii tournament organizers on making the best ruleset possible.

I mainly use smash.gg to run my tournaments. It's been probably the easiest site for me to manage everything and I couldn't praise it enough. I have noticed that Mario Kart Wii is not available to choose as an event on the site. I will be running my future event on smash.gg and want to add the game as an event option on the site. I am not new to adding games to smash.gg; I have previously added Mario Tennis Aces to the site with its definitive ruleset. However, I will not make any move without consulting Mario Kart Wii organizers. I believe that adding Mario Kart Wii to smash.gg would prove to be vastly beneficial. Its options allow for easy organizing and management of tournaments, and its search feature allows for new ways to get new players.

Another thing I'd like to add is that, frankly, I have no idea how forums like these work. I was wondering if there was a Discord server for competitive Mario Kart Wii. I'm in Troy's Discord, but that's it. Let me know!


Jun 25, 2018
Would depend on the context of the tournament. Team, solo, single day tournament, etc. I do TO on smash.gg the typical ruleset used by the mario kart community doesn't scale well to typical tournaments as the current match length is about 45 minutes. Not on MKW but on the newer iterations there has been variations of typical format to fit a more traditional tournament.
Jan 23, 2019
Hey what's up, most people in the MK community probably know me as Calvin.

I actually work at smash.gg now (alongside another old community member Eirik) and I wanted to add that there's support on smash.gg for things people likely don't know about, primarily any sort of FFA or multi-team room competition.

Although smash.gg would essentially be useless for one off clan wars (scrims), I think there are a variety of use cases for smash.gg to improve tournament play in MKWii, specifically for larger tournaments

- any form of 1v1 or team based FFA tournament (we have support for free for all rooms/bracketing)
- League pages for longer form leagues; standings for MK leagues could be tracked on pages
- team vs team or 1v1 tournaments, basically any form of H2H competition that exceeds a single round of play like a one off scrim would be

If anyone is interested in trying to get stuff setup on smash.gg or learn how MK might operate on our platform, hit me up on Twitter @aidencalvin or email me at [email protected]

You can also likely hit up Eirik (@eirikpls, [email protected])
Jan 23, 2019
Also just wanted to say sup Dartremix, I'm not personally familiar, but one of our employees mentioned that you basically carry the online Mario Tennis competitive scene. Super cool stuff dude.