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Small Match Records: Introduction & Rules

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The Irish Mark
Jun 3, 2018
In this section, you can keep track of records as an individual, for a friend duo, or for a friend trio. This means records would be kept for 1vs1, 2vs2, and 3vs3 matches (note: the 3vs3 matches not being for a Team/Pick-up Group, just a little friend group). 4vs4, 4vs4 Mogi, 5vs5, and 6vs6 records are not allowed to be kept here and should be taken to a Team or Pick-up Group thread.

You may have ONE thread for a 1vs1 record, ONE thread for a 2vs2 record, and ONE thread for a 3vs3 record (for a total of 3 separate threads per player). If you have 1 thread for all 3 that is also fine, but you will not be able to make another thread unless a section of that content (such as the 2vs2 portion) is moved to the new thread. The same rule applies for if you want a third thread, but one of the two threads you own has 2 types of match records on it already.

Here are some suggestions on what to include on your threads:

- Match Record (old and/or current)
- Records with other Individuals/Duos/Trios (old and/or current)
- If your thread is for a Duo/Trio: who your partner(s) are
- Rules you or your small group prefer to go by for matches (ex for 1vs1 threads: "Stop for all Thunder Clouds", ex for 2vs2 threads: "You must wear a tag")
- Contact Information

Please be sure to use the appropriate game prefix in your thread title, so as not to confuse people who view your thread. The staff will ask you to change your prefix if it is incorrect and failure to comply will lead to your thread being locked.

Have fun and keep it chill.
Not open for further replies.