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Graphic Designer Simo (Accepted)

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EL Staff
Jun 22, 2018
T̢̡͜H̴̢̕͡E̷̸͠ ̨̛̕V̀͢͝Ơ͠I͏̸̧͟D̀͘͜͞͠
Hey, Simo here, and as you can see, I'm applying for the role of GFX Artist. So, I'm 16, I currently live in Italy, I'm currently studying to become a full-time graphic designer/artist (which includes two of the most imponent subjects of nowdays, which are advertising and brand's idealization and creation), and this coming June, it will be 3 years since I first started this adventure into graphic design's world. I may be no stranger for some people, but I'm well aware I'm not "one of the big guys" and I'm sure there's some lads out there who don't know me, but it's totally fine to me honestly, because this gives me the opportunity to expose myself and my works to a bigger audience.
Anyways, as I quoted above, 3 years ago, I first started digging into graphic design, and believe it or not, it was because I wanted to create my own Funky Kong's texture, being tired of the ones I was seeing on the Internet... which is kinda ironic to me now if I think about it, because 3 years later, graphic design, for me, as things are standing right now, is a job under every prospective, and it is kinda essential, since I gain money from it.
So basically yeah, it all started from this game, and now here I am, making money out of works people request me... it's funny how things turn around in the end sometimes isn't it.
Moving forward, just to let you know, some of the most non-mkw-related works I get requested are logos (any kind of logo you can think of), apparel design, songs'/albums' covers, photo editing, templates/layouts realization (can either be for a poster or a website), renders' creation (png images, for those who don't know), and the list would go on definitely too much, but I don't wanna bore you off more than I've probably already done.
Enough with the words though, now it's time to show off some stuff.

Well, I'm done, hope you enjoyed the ride.
If you wanna see more of what I do, I suggest you check my Instagram, since I sometimes post my works there as well.
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