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MKW Shix (FKA. Norwαγ™)


Jun 25, 2018
Welcome to my thread! (Who is Shix/Norway?)
My online-name is Shix(Shixian). Most people in the MKWii-community know me as Norwαγ™ - that was the name I used before Wiimmfi. I believe I am mostly known for my friend roster thread - which was the most viewed friend roster thread on that-other-mkw-site-that-turned-into-a-malware-site with over 800 000 views, or my friend roster videos that I uploaded to my YouTube channel, or the FFA-tournaments I used to organise. Some of you might remember me as the leader of All Stars, Alternative Elite Team, Team Europe and Team Scandinavia. I have taken both short and long breaks from this game, but I always return because this game is like a drug.

I took a step back from the highest level of competition in 2013, having grown bored with this game. When Wiimmfi came around the game became more "specialized" and it was impossible for me to keep up with the highest level of competition without "no-lifing". I also lack any real motivation. However, I was fine with not being "relevant" because I have already experienced what it is like to "be on top", having won many D1 World Clan League-, WCLC- and MKCL-seasons, reached the final of nearly every FFA I participated in (before Wiimmfi) and even winning two consecutive, having played in D1 for years (2008-2013 + a few CSL/WL seasons with cB1 and cB2 in D1 on Wiimmfi), having a winning or close win/loss-record against nearly every player I had added on my worldwide license, having achieved all of this when the game/community probably had the biggest number of active players, clans/teams/sub-clans.

Friend Rosters
Click friend code to see total race count for that license. Click names next to my friend codes to see picture of the Mii. The numbers next to a country flag and player name indicate the number of races we've played together (ep=extra picture). You can find information about my participation in The World Clan League (WCL), Mario Kart Championships League (MKCL and MPC), International League (IL), and Custom Server League/Wiimmfi League (CSL/WL), in the next post.

3739-9445-3474 (λρocalypse: January 2019-2021) last updated: March 5th 2021
:flagNO: Aaron 481
:flagNL: Aditya 148
:flagUK: Arrow
:flagUS: Alex 116
:flagUS: Batcake 66
:flagUS: Beat
:flagUS: Bryce 192
:flagSE: Camelot 466 ep
:flagFR: Cobra 82
:flagUS: Chillz 830
:flagUS: Dino 300
:flagCL: Doseee 174
:flagSE: Elox 42
:flagUS: GemZ 539
:flagCA: Insane 271
:flagUK: Jack 104
:flagUK: Jawdyn 174
:flagNO: Jeenu 2488
:flagDE: Jonas 535 ep
:flagUK: Josh 523
:flagUS: LucasUS 56
:flagNL: Miist 261
:flagUS: Mike 110
:flagBE: Olifré 374
:flagNL: Sander 513
:flagNO: Shinzou 668
:flagUS: Sky9 281
:flagCA: Slide 1072
:flagUS: Smash 98
:flagUS: Smoke 61
:flagUS: Spade 269
:flagNL: Tom 339
:flagUK: Trippy 769
:flagSG: Veil 167

5157-2898-8142 (Charged Brigade: October 2012-2019) [¢β]Sanji, [¢β]Shix, [¢β]Xin, [¢β]λlfar, [¢β]Racer, [¢β]◆Agape last updated: October 8th 2019
:flagNO: Akane 810
:flagUS: Aruba 113 ep
:flagUS: Bubbles 288 ep
:flagDE: Crash 396
:flagUS: Derick 1795 ep ep2
:flagUS: Divide 80
:flagBR: Fasuke 401
:flagSE: Feysal 417
:flagFR: Hakkim 734
:flagUS: Hawk 1737 ep
:flagLU: Jeff 735
:flagUS: Joseph 437
:flagUS: Katz 1574 ep
Kyon 400
:flagUS: Lugia 939
:flagPT: Monyz 119
:flagNL: Nemesis
:flagDE: Neon 144
:flagDE: Nero 597
:flagUS: Nick 83
:flagUS: NYAP 391
:flagES: Qaz
:flagDE: Samuel 533
:flagUS: Sane 63
:flagUS: Sky 58
:flagFR: Smith 163
:flagFR: Thomas 124
:flagCA: Tricks 1478 ep ep2
:flagUS: Viraith 310 ep
:flagUS: Wally 1430 ep
:flagUS: Wrath
:flagUS: Yasha 1554 ep
Zero 732 ep

3739-9445-3474 (Alliance 15: 2017) xv Shix, xv MCMXCV, xv λlfar, xv R£d, xv リンク
:flagUK: Ace 170 ep
:flagUS: Adam 354 ep
Ardit 78
:flagCA: Articuno 64
:flagUK: Beckett
:flagCH: Dalkir 40
:flagCA: Embrez 81
:flagUS: Goofy 52
:flagUS: Jordan 40
:flagUS: Kirito 82
:flagNL: Miist 839
:flagDE: Monosc 358
:flagCH: Nesta
:flagUS: Noob 151
:flagNL: Owen 74
:flagUK: Simon 769
:flagUK: Trippy 467
:flagNO: Twingy 88

Other Miis (some random old records) Norwαγ™, SD★Norway, AllStars, λ★Norway
:flagUS: Deli 170
:flagUS: Demise 267
:flagSE: Johan 394 ep
Rekusa 177
:flagFR: Sasuke 240
:flagUS: Shök 942 ep ep2
Spear 430
Sword 90
:flagUS: S.Rahman 853 ep
Yusuke 98

Link to YouTube channel: youtube.com/user/badmintonfan15

Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Shixzoner

Add me on Switch: 6743-6450-2714

Add me on WiiU: NorwayTM

Add my 3DS FC: 5412-9890-5009
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Jun 25, 2018
Thread Starter #2
Participation in WCL, MKCL, IL and CSL/WL
WCL season 1: Star Dashers (D1) – finished 3rd (8 teams)

WCL season 2: Alternative Elite 7eam (D2) – finished 1st

WCL season 3: Alternative Elite 7eam (D1) – finished 1st
WCL season 4: Revolution (D1) – finished 1st
WCLC season 4: Revolution - finished 1st
WCL season 4 Shield Match: Won by 80 pts against All Stars
WCL season 5: Revolution - finished 1st listed as All Stars because I left after week 9 when season victory was already secured
WCL season 6: All Stars (D1) - finished 6th (withdrew for unknown reason)

WCL season 7: Shadow Smashers (D1) - finished 5th

WCL season 9: All Stars (D1) - finished 5th (withdrew for unknown reason)

WCL season 10: Flow (D1) - finished 3rd
WCLC season 10: Flow - finished 1st
WCL season 11: Flow (D1) – finished 4th

WCL season 12: Flow (D1) – finished 3rd

MPC (playoffs) season 1, 2 & 3: All Stars (D1) - finished 1st

MKCL (round robin) season 2 & 3: All Stars (D1) - finished 1st

IL season 1: Infected with Skill (D1) - finished ?

IL season 2: Charged Brigade (D1) - finished 3rd

IL season 3: Charged Brigade (D1) – finished 5th

IL season 4: Charged Brigade 1 (D2) - finished 1st

IL season 5: Charged Brigade 2 (D2) - finished 3rd

CSL season 3: Charged Brigade 2 (D1) – finished 7th

CSL season 4: Charged Brigade Silver (D2) – finished 5th

CSL season 5: Charged Brigade Silver (D2) – finished 4th

CSL season 6: Charged Brigade Silver (D1) – finished 5th

CSL season 7: Chloe's Bangout (D3) – finished 3rd

WL season 8: Sedation (D3) - finished 6th (Sedation replaced Lost Legends mid-season)

WL season 9: Alliance 15 (D3) - finished 2nd

WL season 10: Alliance 15 (D4) - finished 3rd

WL season 11-14: Charged Brigade (D2/D1) - played about 1-3 matches

WL season 15: Apocalypse (D2) - finished 7th

WL season 16: Apocalypse (D3) - finished 4th

MKPS Spring(2020): Apocalypse - eliminated in Round of 16
MKPS Summer(2020): Apocalypse - eliminated in Round 5

MKPS Spring 2021: Onslaught -

Time spent in different teams/groups + most used Mii names
The Pro Lounge: The summer of 2008 - early 2009
Mii names used: ☆Norway☆™

Shadow Gear: The summer of 2008
Mii names used: [SG]Jaden

Clan Bankai/The Great Superlatives: short stay between [SG] and SD
Mii names used: [cB]Cloud, Cloudway, TGS↑Cloud™, <Davis>, <Tyson>

Star Dashers: September 26th 2008 - until [iS]
Mii names used: SD☆Norway™

Infected with Skill: March 9th 2009 - unknown
Mii names used: [iS]Cloud, [iS]☆Lass☆, [iS]Misa, [iS]üL, [iS]LaMoon

Alternative Elite 7eam: joined towards the end of WCL season 2, played WCL season 3 and won, left shortly after.
Mii names used: Æ7☆Norway, Æ7☆Archie, Æ7☆Hannah, Æ7★Blue★, Æ7♦Royal♦

Revolution: August 30th 2009 - until All Stars
Mii names used: [Rv]Vlad, [Rv]Norway, [Rv]Racer, [Rv]★L´★

All Stars: February 23rd 2010 - until Flow
Mii names used: λ★Norway, λ★Eatos, λ★R£d, λ★Horus

Flow: July 29th 2011- unknown
Mii names used: Fω Nordic, Fω Eatos, Fω Hero,

Infected with Skill: A few months between Flow and Charged Brigade

Charged Brigade: October 2nd 2012 - September 2019
Mii names used: [¢β]Sanji, [¢β]Shix, [¢β]Xin, [¢β]λlfar, [¢β]Racer

Alliance 15: January 2017- August 2017
Mii names used: xv MCMXCV, xv λlfar, xv R£d

Apocalypse: January 2019 - January 2021
Mii names used: λρ Yusei, λρ Týr, λρ◆リンク

Onslaught: January 2021 - today
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You Have Failed Again, I See.
Jun 25, 2018
Abyssal Ruins
λρ ~ λρocalypse / Mι ~ Maximum
Wasn't this guy also called red. Man talk about alter egos.


Jun 25, 2018
Thread Starter #14
Updates (October 8th 2019)
Added new players to Charged Brigade-friend list (5157-2898-8142) and updated individual racer race count.
Added total race count to both friend codes.


Jun 25, 2018
Thread Starter #15
Updates (January 8th 2020)
Added new players to Apocalypse-friend list and updated race count.