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[S14] Seedings

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MKPS Staff
Jun 25, 2018
As opposed to previous Seasons, we will approach this in a slightly different manner due to a significant decrease of divisions.
While we're aware that reading bulkier texts is a pain, we would appreciate it nevertheless if you read this carefully (ask us on the Server if you have questions):​

- This post will be (sort of) representing Final Seedings, meaning that transfers would now be effectively no longer a thing anymore​
- However, after this post, we will grant a transfer window of three days before the following rule would put a stop to Transfers​
f. Transfers in the Wiimmfi League are allowed from the end of Playoffs up to the end of next season's Preliminary Seedings. No mid-season transfers will be permitted.​
- The Transfer procedure is the usual:
1) Player submits Transfer request​
2) Council will have a look and determine whether the transfer is fine or not​
3) Your transfer will either be accepted or denied​
The deadline for this will be August 31st 11:59PM ET.
! Warning !
We highly advise to not attempt any funny things when it comes to this especially if this may put a team at risk for dropping.​
If your team does indeed end up dropping from here onwards, you may put it in danger for not being seeded next Season.​

A few further things we wish to point out:

This Season will effectively start on the 8th and 9th of September.
Some remaining Playoffs may have deadlines enforced on them if delayed considerably further.
We will get to organising representatives roles soon enough and once we do, we'll let you guys know.
Division Admins will also be assigned to each Division which we will most likely update at the top of each Division.

With all this being out of the way, we present to you, the Seedings for the 14th Season of Wiimmfi League:

Regular Tracks

Division 1: Blue Shell
Division Admin: Stunky

Charged Brigade
Metro Wipeout
Untouchables 1

Division 2: Bob-omb
Division Admin: Skitty

Clan Volo
Final Stand
Team GUN
Team pool
Untouchables 2

Division 3: Green Shell
Division Admin: Niko

Apocalypse 1
Explorers of Time
George, Arvo, Mark, Toad (GAMT1)
Maximum Likelihood
Megavolt (MV1)
Tribulation Refuge Dab Alliance (tr1)

Division 4: POW Block
Division Admin: Eddy

Apocalypse 2
Crossfire Vendetta (XF1)
Millivolt (MV2)
Tribulation Refuge Nae Nae Squadron (tr2)
Weenie Hut Juniors (VB1)

Division 5: Fake Item Box
Division Admin: Online

Blue Thunder (VB2)
Crossfire Melee (XF2)
Division 99
Golden Haze
Succeed or Perish
Team APE

Not seeded:
Charged Brigade 2 (sticks to 1 Team)
Need 4 Speed (8 Player minimum not reached)
Lunix (8 Player minimum not reached)


Custom Tracks

Division 1: Star
Division Admin: Klyne

Daisy Squad
Extend Ash
Final Stand
Maximum Likelihood
Succeed or Perish Gold

Division 2: Mega Mushroom
Division Admin: Mido

Battle Cry Solar
JFK Assassination Yacht Club
Succeed or Perish Silver
Team GUN
ZJ's Gambling Hub

Division 3: Mushroom
Division Admin: Kona

Battle Cry Lunar
Shine Sprite
Special k`s
Succeed or Perish Bronze

Not seeded:
Blue Thunder (dropped ahead of time)


We may consider doing an eight team division 5 if we get enough teams in the end after all.
Good Luck to those that will be playing in this Season and also Keep in mind that in the case your team didn't get seeded, it may have to deal with a variety of reasons
in which case you may wish to contact us to learn more about this.

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MKPS Staff
CTL Staff
Jun 25, 2018
Sounds good.

Please rename Battle Cry 1 and Battle Cry 2 to Solar and Lunar, respectively. Thanks.


EL Staff
Jun 25, 2018
Butterfly Effect
As a team APE rep I suggest to switch us with Insane, long story short, we lost several times to them even though we had one of our best lus we can pull. In addition, a lu made by Charge Luca Kiralte Phil/Clone + David is stronger than ours that should be Kyon zatlo Francis nico + Simo and me and zatlo both can't play always and probably we will be alternating ourselves every week because he sometimes works on Sat evening and I can't play every week, so I'll be glad if you consider this option.
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CTL Staff
Jun 28, 2018
Succeed or Perish
Might make more sense to make an 8 team d5, moving two d3 players down to d4 and having a 6 team d3 and d1, as d3 arguably has a larger skill gap than d5, and there are teams in d4 which should really be in d5, and d3 teams which should really be in d4


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MKPS Staff
Jul 4, 2018
GUN is fine with D2 regs but we're gonna get destroyed in D2 cts even with embrez, we'd like to move down to D3
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