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[S14 onwards] New Website and what WL Staff did

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Jun 25, 2018
Probably obvious from the title already what this is about but this thread isn't meant for replies.​

Instead, the WL Staff just wishes to briefly state what we've done over the last few days now that MKBoards is a read-only Website.

Before I start off though: you may have been told already or heard of it somewhere but you will still have time to retrieve whatever things you may want from MKBoards until November.
If there are more things you wish to know about MKBoards as a whole -> contact MKB Staff for that because they have more details on the matter than I do

Generic Stuff
- We restructed things a little bit in regarding the main section -> Rulesets, Introduction and Contact Information are found there now
- We still kept most of the threads that deal with Conditionals but like we said here, we will not be performing any huge updates with the list there and we may be considering to leave the Conditionals List (not necessarily the ban list because we still need that at least) in someone else's hands because the Wiimmfi League itself has no use for a Conditinals List like that anymore
- The Suggestions & Feedback section has been trimmed down a little bit in case people wanna throw a suggestion about whatever they feel like could need an idea or two there
-> Doing so on our Discord Server works just fine too though so it's up to you which one you prefer
- The guidelines for hosting wars have been removed from this section due to how outdated they were
- Awards and its threads from previous Ssasons were copied over to this website by me
- We got most threads already copied over here (or the important ones, anyway) but we may move more threads to this Website if we might require them

Council and WL Staff in general
- The WL Council is now down to 8 people as of now upon having performed some removals
- We're still not entirely sure who we're adding to Council but either way, they will most likely be added while Confirmations for Season 14 are up
- Since applications were done on both the new and old Website: don't worry about that, we kept that in mind
- We will likely just make a quick announcement on who we shall be taking in
- The same might apply to Division Admins as some of them have decided to step down
- As for whether we will need more or not -> we will let you know

Season 14
- On the topic of Confirmations: You may find those here so if you're feeling like it, go ahead
- If you haven't read or at least skimmed certain threads regarding the 14th Season, we encourage you to do so just so you migitate your chances of "being left in the dark" about one or another change (threads will be provided below)

- CTGP-only
- a change in CTWL
- Any Generic Changes have been covered through announcements made by myself due to the WL Council having had to change rules considerably so check the Rulesets for that for one or another thing you might be having questions about (or you could come to us and ask, that also works)
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