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RTWL Ruleset (Updated May 29th, 2019)

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Media Staff
Former WL Staff
Jun 25, 2018


I. General
II. Strike System
III. Conduct

IV. Registration
V. Mii Names
VI. CTGP Revolution Channel Settings
VII. Hosting

VIII. Match Structure
IX. "Bagging" Rules
X. Disconnections & Player Compensation
XI. Lagging

XII. Cheating
XIII. Appeals

XIV. Results
XV. Tiebreakers
XVI. Playoffs

XVII. Incomplete Matches
XVIII. Rescheduling & Replays
XIX. Forfeits
XX. Disqualifications / Withdrawals

I. General Rules

a. Participants of the Wiimmfi League are prohibited from "bending" or "manipulating" rules or loopholes in the rules in order to create a benefit to any participating team in the league. Players who are found to be performing such acts will be subject to punishment based on the severity of the incident caused by such ruleset manipulation. All players in the Wiimmfi League are expected to use common sense in all actions that they take, and to not act foolishly for the sake of trying to cause harm. The league, whereas being competitive, is also meant to be simple and easy to understand, so if you do have any questions as to what the rules do and do not allow, please ask a member of staff before reporting anything invalid or manipulating rules, or else again you risk being punished.
b. If staff error leads to a potential punishment, the punishment is to not go through and the error will be rectified for the following week.
b.i. If staff error leads to the individual teams' advantage, normal protocols will take place.​
c. All rules and penalties are to be enforced by the staff. However, in some scenarios these rules and penalties may be overruled by a 2/3 majority vote within the current WL council.
d. MKB account bans are to be treated the same as WL bans unless the sole reason for the account ban was a COPPA violation.
e. All compensation and penalty values in the Match Rules are based on the 5vs5 point distribution. To get the compensation and penalties for other match sizes, go here: http://tinyurl.com/wlmultiplier.
f. Rule changes made mid-season will apply for all matches played after the change has been made with the exception of reschedules (at the staff's discretion). An announcement thread or post will be made for any and all rule changes.
g. All teams will have 2 player representatives (a third representative will be allowed on an emergency basis). These player representatives will be the only ones organizing their team’s matches throughout the league, no one else.
g.i. All team representatives must cooperate with the requests of their division administrators. Failure to cooperate will result in removal as a team representative and the team in question having to find a replacement.​
h. All player representatives for each team will be added to a Discord channel made by the league admin(s) for their division. The league admin(s) and the division admin will oversee the channel. All match organization is to be taken place in the channel.
*h.i. Any team that does not organize a match in their respective Discord channel runs the risk of receiving a strike and the staff ruling any proof of rule(s) being broken as invalid.​
i. Any sort of evidence that may result in a score change must be posted on the thread and/or brought to a staff member's attention within 48 hours after the match's result thread is posted. If this requirement is not met, the evidence will not be acknowledged by the council (this does not apply for cheating cases, game modifications and/or improper registrations).
j. All times listed in the rules are according to the Eastern Timezone (ET). Daylight Savings is taken into account as well.

II. Strike System

a. Strikes will be issued for minor rule violations instead of minuscule and/or questionable penalties.
….. 1 strike: The player(s) will receive a warning
….. 2 strikes: The player(s) will receive a match ban. Each strike following this one will result in an additional match ban.
b. Staff discretion will be used to determine if a strike will be given and how many strikes will be given for repeat offenses.
c. If a player is clean of strikes 4 matches in a row after previously having a strike count, their strike count will be reset. A strike after this will resume the strike count as if the player had 2 strikes.
d. Any section or individual rule with an asterisk (*) next to it will follow the strike system procedure.

List of Rules Underneath the Strike System:

I. h.i.
IV. h.i.
All of V.
VI. b.i.
VI. b.ii.
VII. b.
VII. c.
VII. c.i.
VII. d.
VII. e.
VII. f.
VII. h.
XIII. a.
XIII. b.
XIII. c.
XIII. d.

III. Conduct

a. Conduct within the Wiimmfi League is subject to the terms both of the MarioKartBoards rules and any additional rules enforced within the Wiimmfi League Discord server. If a user is found to be violating any stated rules, they risk the punishments stated within either conduct ruleset.
b. All players participating in WL must conduct themselves in a respectful manner to all participants and staff. They are also required to follow the general site guidelines, along with any other guidelines and requests set out by the WL Staff.
c. Should a player fail to conduct themselves properly, it will result in:
….. 1st Offense: Warning (if the staff deems it appropriate)
….. 2nd Offense: One match ban from WL
….. 3rd Offense: Three match bans from WL
….. 4th Offense: Ten match bans from WL
….. 5th Offense: Permanent ban from the Wiimmfi League
d. Players can be punished for misconduct in any medium. This includes, but is not limited to: MKBoards posts, YouTube comments/videos, verbal/text Twitch statements, Twitter messages/tweets, Skype statuses, verbal/text Skype or Discord statements.
e. Match bans roll over between seasons. For example, if a player receives a three-match ban before the final match of a season, that player is banned for that final match and the first two matches of the next season, for a total of three matches.
f. Match bans stack. For example, if a player receives a three-match ban and then a ten-match ban before the three-match ban is over, the player will be banned for the original three matches, and then an additional ten after the three have passed, for a total of 13 matches.
g. Incidents of misconduct may receive a different punishment from the system in rule III. b. depending on the severity of the said incident. For example, a minor incident may only result in 1 match ban, but a more severe incident may immediately result in 3 match bans.
h. Players can be punished for misconduct at any time, including between seasons.
i. The WL staff is not obligated to give players warnings when they are on the verge of receiving a punishment.
j. Should a player feel that a player has shown misconduct, he/she should notify a WL staff member. When doing so, he/she should provide any and all evidence pertaining to the incident.

IV. Registration

a. Players must register with their own IP address and friend code(s), not those of any other participant. This means that players must register themselves.
a.i. Exceptions can be made for players living in the same household, however they must be approved by the council in advance.​
a.ii. Guests are allowed to play during a match, so long as the opposing team is able to confirm that the guest in question is a player registered on MKBoards, and signed up for the correct team.​
a.iii. The council and/or registration admins have the right to decline registrations on the grounds of alt suspicion, and can also delay the processing of a registration if required.​
b. Players may only register for one team per track type, and a thread for the team must exist as a Team Registration within the Wiimmfi League.
c. Players may register up to two consoles (or two save files).
c.i. If a player is registering more than one console/save, there must be proof that both are linked to that person.​
d. Players are only allowed to play for the team that they have signed up for.
e. Players may update their Friend Codes at any time prior to the match.
e.i. If there is sufficient proof that an update has not been performed in time, the player will be considered ineligible to play and may be punished according to IV. h.​
f. Transfers in the Wiimmfi League are allowed from the end of Playoffs up to the end of next season's Preliminary Seedings. No mid-season transfers will be permitted.
g. If the opposing team and Council are notified beforehand in the discord team representative chat, players registered for a lower-division subset of a team may play a match for a higher-division subset of that same Team.
Example - Team A seeded in division 1, Team B seeded in division 2, and Team C seeded in division 3:​
- a player from team B or C may play for team A​
- a player from team B may not play for team C​
- a player from team A may not play for teams B or C​
This can be performed as much as needed. Only 1 player may be pulled up each time this rule is used. Bear in mind that players may only play 1 match per WL week.
h. If a player is caught playing for a team they are not registered with or has an invalid registration, that player will lose all of their points or receive a penalty of 150 points (whichever is greater).
*h.i. If, during the time period of the match, an unregistered FC is proven to belong to a player registered for the correct team, a strike will be given instead.​
i. Teams must have at least 8 correctly registered players by the registration deadline in order to be seeded.
i.i. Teams who have not signed up by the registration deadline or who have not fulfilled rule III. i. are not allowed to play in WL.​

*V. Mii Names

a. Team tags must be visibly separated from Mii names.

Examples for Clarification:

ut Player
-ut Plyr-
Player ut
[email protected]
-Plyr ut-
[email protected]
c ut e
-c ut e-

a.i. If a team's tag has a separator as the team tag itself, that is allowed to be used as the separator (ex: for the tag "#", the full Mii name with tag could be "#MONEY").​
a.ii. The following symbols are considered a separator:
- [ ] \ / ‘ # ! “ % ^ & * ( ) _ | ` { } ? @ ~ ; , . = < > + : ¿ ¡ « » · - × ÷ = ± ∞ ™ º ª ♭ ♪ * ← → ↑ ↓ ΄ ΅ ☆ ★ ○ ● ◎ ◇ ◆ □ ■ © △ ▲ ▽ ▼ ¦ ∴ 、 。 ? ! ー 「 」' ※ 〒 • … (space)​
b. Players must use the correct team tag in their Mii name of the team they are registered with. However, normal characters may be used in substitution for region-specific characters if necessary (ex: both υτ and ut would be fine).
b.i. Team tags must use similar casing to the team's original tag (ex: υτ cannot have Uτ, υT, or UT, FU cannot have fu, fU, or Fu, Dα cannot have DA, dα, or dA).​
c. Names being used by a player may not be shared by another teammate during a match.
d. Players may not use Mii names that include profanity or offense toward the other team.
e. Players may not use the opposing team’s tag during a match.
f. If and only if two sister teams are playing each other (ex: Charged Brigade and Charged Brigade 2), the teams may choose to use an alternative tag to play with as long as Council, the Division Admin and the opposing team are all notified in the discord chat before the opening of the room.
g. Mii names only consisting of a team's tag do not require a separator.

VI. CTGP Revolution Channel Settings

a. CTGP-R is the only allowed method of loading the game in WL.

a.i. Players must set the following Page 1 CTGP Channel Settings to:

Custom Tracks [ON] -> for Room Encryption to work
°°°° Remove Game Music?
'My Stuff' Folder [OFF] or [No replaced tracks]
°°°° Mii Heads on Minimap
°°°° Save game on SD card?
°°°° Special Fonts
°°°° Draggable Blue Shells
°°°° Speedometer
°°°° List Race Settings During Voting -> [Verbose] - highly recommended

°°°° = any configuration is allowed for this Setting

a.ii. Hosts must set the following Page 4 and 5 CTGP Channel Settings to:

Page 4:
Track Availability [Nintendo Tracks]
° Specific Engine Class [Normal]
°° Race Count [4]
° Thundercloud Autofire [Normal]
Thundercloud Effect [Normal]
Room Encryption [ON]
° Available Vehicles [All Vehicles]
Host Always Wins Vote [OFF]

Page 5:
Item Rain [OFF]
All Items Can Land [OFF]
°°° Network Data Rate [Normal]
Item Boxes [ON]
Only accept CTGP users? [Yes, CTs On]
! Allow My Stuff users? [No replaced tracks]

! = this setting can be changed to "NO" on mutual agreement, "YES" isn't an option
° = this setting can be changed on mutual agreement
°° = the Race Count setting may only be changed to 6 or 12 on mutual agreement, no other values
°°° = a speedtest is required to be posted for all players in the match before changing the Network Data Rate Setting​

b. If a CTGP-R player uses any prohibited game modification(s) (video proof required), a penalty will be given based on how severely the game modification may have affected the match.

*b.i. If a host is caught using the incorrect settings:

Page 4:
Specific Engine Class Anything but [Normal] (unless mutually agreed)
Race Count Anything but [4] (unless mutually agreed to be 6 or 12)​

The host will be given a strike.​

*b.ii. If a player is caught using the incorrect settings:

‘My Stuff’ Folder [YES]​

or if a host is caught using the incorrect settings:

Page 4:
Room Encryption [OFF]
Host Always Wins Vote [ON]

Page 5:
Allow My Stuff users? [YES]​

The host will receive a 15 point penalty for each race that is played with the incorrect setting and one (1) strike per match. Each penalty will not stack, having multiple of these settings will still result in a 10 point penalty per race.​

b.iii. If a host is caught using the incorrect settings:

Page 4:
Thundercloud Autofire Anything but [Normal] (unless mutually agreed)
Thundercloud Effect Anything but [Normal]
Available Vehicles Anything but [All Vehicles] (unless mutually agreed)

Page 5:
Network Data Rate [High] (unless mutually agreed)​

The host will be forced to reset the room at the cost of one of their team's resets (see rule VIII. c. for more information). If the host refuses to reset, a 30 point penalty per race will be given to the team and a strike will be given to the host. Each penalty will stack for having multiple of these settings.​

b.iv. If a host is caught using the incorrect settings:

Page 4:
Track Availability [Custom Tracks] or [All Tracks]

Page 5:
Item Rain [ON]
All Items Can Land [ON]
Item Boxes [OFF]​

The host will be forced to reset the room at the cost of one of their team's resets (see rule VIII. c. for more information). If the host refuses to reset, their team will forfeit the match.​

VII. Hosting

a. The host is required to start to start a VS race at the start of each GP. If the host starts anything different, they will be forced to use a reset (see rule VIII. c. for more information). If the team refuses to reset, they will forfeit the match.
*b. Hosts must reset the room when requested and if the requesting team has resets remaining.
*c. Before opening the room, the hosting team must provide the opposing team with a host friend code or format 10 minutes prior to the start time. They have to wait for the opposing team to give permission to open the room. If no confirmation to open the room has been given 5 minutes after the scheduled match time, the room may be opened.
*c.i. If the room is opened before the opposing team gives permission or before waiting the 5 minutes, the host must close and reopen the room if the opposing team requests it.​
c.ii. Teams can mutually agree on joining the room in a "a-b-a-b" pattern (Team A joins first, Team B joins second, Team A joins third,...).​
*d. The host must allow a maximum of 15 minutes after the scheduled/agreed start time for players to join the room and start it after that time frame unless both teams are in agreement to start sooner or wait longer.
*e. The host must wait until all of the players are labelled as ‘priv’ underneath ‘room, match’ on the Wiimmfi Rooms Page to start the room after the previous GP has ended. The host can wait a minimum of 10 seconds and a maximum of 5 minutes to start the room after everyone is on 'priv' unless both teams agree to start sooner or wait longer (example of 'priv' on the page). If it says anything other than ‘priv’ for any of the players, the room will not start.
*f. The host is not allowed to start without all participants in the room unless the allotted time for the room to be opened is exceeded or if the opposing team gives consent for the host to start earlier without all of their participants in the room. If this rule is broken, the host must reset at the cost of one of the hosting team's allowed resets (see rule VIII. c. for more information).
g. Using the (kick) button on the Wiimmfi Rooms Page is not allowed, using the (close) button is only allowed for quick resets.
g.i. The host is not allowed to kick any players from the opposing team from the room at any point after the room opens without consent. To check if someone was kicked, go to http://wiimmfi.de/show-bans. If a kick was performed, take a screenshot and contact a staff member immediately.​
g.ii. If this rule is broken while waiting for the room to start (kicking players to get any potential advantage), the hosting team will lose a reset for each player kicked and the host of the room will receive punishments as mentioned in rule VII. g.iii.​
g.iii. If this rule is broken during a race, the hosting team will receive a penalty of 100 points for every player kicked and the room will be reset if requested (counting as a hosting team's reset if applicable [see rule VIII. c. for more information]).​
g.iv. If a player violates either rule VII. g.ii. or g.iii., they will receive a season ban from hosting if the match in question was outside of the league, or a permanent ban from hosting if the match in question was a league match.​
g.v. If a player on the opposing team is kicked from the room during a kickstart or when kicking a player not participating in the war, rule g.i. is nullified. If a host kicks a player that is supposed to participate, the host must immediately reset the room at the cost of one of the hosting team's resets (see rule VIII. c. for more information).​
g.vi. If a team uses a host-banned player as the match host, they will receive a penalty of either 30 points per race with a maximum of 150 points or the points the host-banned player had (whichever is greater).​
*h. After a reset, the host will wait for a maximum of 10 minutes to let players join the room. If stalling is evident after all the players are in and room stability is good enough, a strike will be given to the current lineup of the hosting team. If a second offense occurs (in the same match or a different one), then a host ban will ensue for the said lineup and any remaining home matches will be hosted by the away team (the host-banned team will still be allowed to determine ruleset and engine class).

VIII. Match Structure

a. The default match size is 5-versus-5. However, if both teams agree to a different match size, that is allowed (with the exception of rules VIII. a.i., a.ii., and a.iii.).
a.i. If both teams agree to different match size, this will override the default size for that match.​
a.ii. The only match sizes that are not allowed under any conditions are 3vs3s and below.​
a.iii. If a team has less than their needed players and are unable to agree to a different match size with the other team, they have a choice of going handicapped (if the team has less than 4 players for 5vs5, less than 3 for 4vs4, or less than 4 for 6vs6, this is not an option), forfeiting the match, or rescheduling on the opponent's consent.​
b. Match duration is to last for 3 Grand Prix's (12 races total).
c. Both teams are entitled to 2 resets per match. Each additional reset will incur a 20 point Penalty.
c.i. If one or more players from both teams disconnect during a race and requires the room to be reset, that will not count toward a team's 2 resets.​
c.ii. Should the non-hosting team want to use a reset, they must directly tell the hosting team to reset the room between the results of a race and the selection of the next track.​
c.iii. If there is sufficient evidence that the hosting team did not reset the room when the non-hosting team wanted to use one of their resets, they will receive a 20 point penalty for each race that is played (240 points total for the entire match).​
d. Players can freely choose to use any character, vehicle, drift type, and/or controller, unless rule VIII. d.i. applies.
d.i. If player(s) of a team select the Magikruiser or Dolphin Dasher for the last race of a match (after the 11th race has been played), a 10 point penalty will be applied for every player using the Magikruiser or Dolphin Dasher (assuming sufficient evidence is provided). The only exception to this rule is if the player was in the Magikruiser or Dolphin Dasher during the previous race in the GP.​
e. Players may not use the following glitches:
- Coconut Mall (1)
- Coconut Mall (2)
- Grumble Volcano (the lava respawn and rock-hop glitches are allowed)
- Maple Treeway (both the ultra glitch and any variations of the position glitch are banned, however the u-turn skip is allowed. For clarification: the position glitch involves using any alternate route that directly combines the area after the cannon with the area of track between the u-turn and the trickable net)
- Mario Circuit
- Mushroom Gorge
- Rainbow Road (both methods of the ultra glitch are banned [method 1, method 2], however the moon-jump at the beginning is allowed)
- Wario’s Gold Mine
- GCN Peach Beach
- GCN Waluigi Stadium (1)
- GCN Waluigi Stadium (2)
- N64 DK’s Jungle Parkway (1)
- N64 DK’s Jungle Parkway (2)
- N64 Sherbet Land
e.i. Any usage of these glitches on the tracks above will result in a penalty of 50 points towards the player's team and his/her individual score (for every person performing a glitch) per race.​
e.ii. All Players’ points will be corrected to their true values assuming sufficient proof of those true values is presented.​
f. Any team that is responsible for picking a track that has already been played will receive a 20 point penalty (with the exception of a track selected via random, not including the CTGP randomizer).
f.i. If a player provides video evidence of their screen that the CTGP randomizer was responsible for selecting a track that has already been played (without having a cup pre-selected), then no penalty will be given for the repick.​
g. All players must have at least 5000 VR on the license they choose to use for a match. If the first race of the in-game GP is completed with a player's VR not meeting this requirement, their team will receive a penalty of 30 points (90 point cap).

h. Regular Season Hosting and Ruleset Choice
h.i. For "divisions" that consist of "Conferences" or the traditional double-round-robin (6-team-divisions):​
#1: The team listed as 'Home' on the schedule for each match will get the first choice of suicide/trolling/schlagbag/no lapping (see Rule IX) or hosting team.​
#2: The team listed as 'Away' on the schedule for each match will get the choice not made by the Home team (i.e. the Home team chooses the host and the Away team chooses suicide/trolling/schlagbag/no lapping, or vice versa).​

i. Playoff Hosting and Ruleset Choice
i.i. Each series in Playoffs will be a Best-of-three.​
i.ii. In single-elimination best-of-three playoff matches, the higher ranked team will be designated as "Home" team.​
i.iii. For Finals, reseeding based on the regular season will be done to determine the "Home" team​
i.iv. In a best-of-three tiebreaker match to determine the winner of a "division", the team which would hold 1st place based on the tiebreakers in rule XV will be designated as the Home team in Matches 1 and 3, and the other team will be designated as the "Home" team in Match 2.​
i.v. The rules for determining hosting team and suicide/trolling/schlagbag/no lapping during the regular season also apply to Playoffs Matches.​

IX. "Bagging" Rules

a. "Suicide Bagging" rules are in effect by default for each match. However, the team which does not choose to host (see Rule VIII.h-i) has the choice of selecting "Schlag Bagging", "Trolling", or "No Lapping" instead if the opponent is notified before the room is opened for the first time.
b. Passing the line and then reversing is not considered being on the same lap as when you passed. For example, if you pass the line to get on lap 2 and then go behind the line, you are on lap 1.
c. A player who is less than half a lap behind the current first place position is a "racer". Otherwise, the player is a "bagger". "Trolling" is the act of impeding via in-game means (such as hitting a player with an item), and is subject to the indicated bagging ruleset.
d. If "Suicide Bagging" or “Schlag Bagging” rules are in effect and are broken by a bagger, a penalty of 5, 10, or 20 points will be given depending on the severity of the incident (assuming sufficient proof is presented). Racers should never attempt to intentionally get trolled by an opposing bagger. One exception to this rule is if the racer who was trolled had no chance at gaining any positions (must be lap 3).

e. Suicide Bagging
e.i. Baggers are never allowed to block a competitively-viable route, hit an opposing racer with or while under the effect of an item (excluded items: Blue Shell, Blooper, POW, and Lightning), hit them off the course, or into an in-game obstacle (car, Wiggler, Chain Chomp, etc.).​
e.ii. Baggers are allowed to steal item boxes and bump into racers, unless they are moving forward with respect to an opposing racer.​
e.iii. The council reserves the right to penalize any bagger who is believed to maliciously interfere with an opposing racer.​

f. Schlag Bagging
f.i. Baggers are not allowed to hit an opposing racer by hitting them with or while under the effect of an item (excluded: Blue Shell, Thunder Cloud, Blooper, POW, and Lightning).​
f.ii. Baggers are not allowed to explode any obstacle that causes an explosion similar to that of a Bob-omb while near opposing racers (ex: stray Bob-omb, Bomb-car, cannonball). Baggers also can not bump opposing racers into these obstacles.​

g. Trolling
g.i. Baggers are allowed to troll opposing racers.​

h. No Lapping
h.i. Baggers are not allowed to be overtaken by the runner in 1st.
h.ii. If the bagger has been overtaken by the runner in 1st, they will be unable to move, regardless of whether they are in possession of an item or not. Moving away from the main routes/middle of the track in order for other racers to get by is required from the baggers. Should a bagger claim they have not been lapped, baggers must provide footage of their own in order to negate a potential lap claim.
Split Paths: an lap occurs only once a split path merges into one single path (example: GV's cave section, BCWii's before-glitch section,..)​
h.iii. After having been lapped, Baggers cannot use any item they may have had prior to or after the lap -- this includes any item possible; breaking this rule will result in a 20 point penalty.
h.iv. Baggers will not be penalized for taking item boxes from runners before they are lapped by the Racer in 1st, as this gives baggers the opportunity to prevent themselves from being lapped. A penalty of 20 points will be given though if lapped baggers take item boxes which the opponent's runners would have had access to.
h.v. Trolling the runners with any items or by running into course hazards such as bomb karts will result in a 20 point penalty.
h.vi. Lapped baggers are not allowed to avoid getting passed thunder clouds, getting hit by any item or pushed off after they have been lapped, as they are required to stand idle; breaking this rule will result in a 10 point penalty.​

X. Disconnections & Player Compensation

a. If the room starts with 9 players the missing person will receive 12 points for the GP.
b. If the room starts with 10 Players:
b.i. Any player not visible on Race 1 results will receive 15 points for the GP.​
b.ii. Any player not visible on Race 2 results will receive 15 points for the GP (unless their Race 1 score +9 points is greater than 15).​
b.iii. Any player not visible on Race 3 results will receive their Race 2 score +6 points.​
b.iv. Any player not visible on Race 4 results will receive their Race 3 score +3 Points.​
c. If 3 or more players disconnect during a race, and at least 1 is from each team, the race does not count.
d. If all participating players appear on the results screen, the race counts. The only exception to this is rule X. c.
e. Should a player disconnect in close proximity to or after the finish line (approximately from their final wheelie onward), in which they're given an incorrect placement on the race's results, the race's results will be altered to reflect the player's original finishing position, should a POV be provided (the player must upload their own POV if they had not crossed the finish line yet).
f. If a player disconnects during any race where the bagger(s) is at least one lap behind first place by the race's finish (this must be proven), they will be given the lowest position above the bagger(s)' position on the race's result. If multiple players disconnect during the same race, the point distribution will be determined by where each player disconnected during the race (if in a 5vs5 race, with 2 baggers who finish at least one lap behind first place, Player A disconnects during lap 2 and Player B disconnects during lap 3, Player A will be given 8th and Player B will be given 7th on results).

XI. Lagging

a. Players' points may not be counted if they were lagging to an extent where it was at a significant disadvantage to the opponent(s) and/or at a significant advantage to the player (2 or more POVs, at the staff’s discretion).
b. Lagged positions may be corrected if enough evidence is provided for council (2 or more POVs).

XII. Cheating

a. Players may not use any form of hacking, intentionally lagging, and/or other exploitations (programs ran from a PC sending data from the console is included) which may be considered to be an advantage over their Opponent.
a.i. Hacking or cheating is an automatic ban for the player(s). The match will be scored 100-0 against the team using said Player.​
b. Bans for cheating are permanent (other ban types and lengths are covered in the ruleset). Season bans are for minor incidents, while the default ban is permanent.
c. Teams may not use banned Players.
c.i. If a team uses a banned player, they will be banned from the league.​
c.ii. The staff reserves the right to further a team's and/or individual player’s punishment.​

XIII. Appeals

a. Players on the conditionals list, ban list, or host ban list may appeal their placement on the list once every 6 months.
b. The privilege to appeal may be revoked from certain players at the Council's discretion.

XIV. Results

*a. The hosting team must post the match result no later than 24 hours after the match completion (unless the away team already has).
*b. If neither team can provide proof of the match result, then proof of any completed races may be counted as the final result.
*c. If neither team can provide proof of the match result or completed races, then that match may be scored as a draw or be rescheduled.
*d. Both teams who played in the match are equally responsible for including a screenshot from http://wiimmfi.de/mkw of all participants, their friend codes, and the room's group ID (example: http://i.imgur.com/77KNcNl.png--the group ID would be XB99). Any edits discovered on the screenshot will result in the team(s)/player(s) involved facing severe consequences at the staff's discretion.
e. If scores are incorrect due to the Ignorance is Bliss Anti-Cheat System (regardless of the setting), the in-game result will be used unless a picture of every race from that GP can be presented.
f. The team with more points on the leaderboard is the higher placing team.
f.i. If a team wins a match, they will receive 2 points.
f.ii. If two teams draw a match, they will each receive 1 points (with the exception of both teams forfeiting, where neither team will receive any points).
f.iii. If a team loses a match, they will recieve 0 points.

XV. Tiebreakers

Should two or more teams tie regarding their final standing, there will be a set of checks to determine the ultimate final standings of said Teams.
#1: The higher overall Win-Tie-Loss record.​
#2: The higher overall difference between those individual matches (ex: Match 1 - A 388-344 B, Match 2 - A 315-417 B; Total - A 703-761 B. B wins).​
#3: The higher overall difference (+/-) in total.​
XVI. Playoffs

a. Conferences ("8-team-division")
a.i. A best-of-three series will be held for Semifinals and Finals.
a.ii. The top 2 of each conference advances to the Playoffs stage; they will be held in the following manner:​

M1: Conference A's #1 seed vs. Conference B's #2 seed
M2: Conference B's #1 seed vs. Conference A's #2 seed

Winner of M1 vs. Winner of M2
Loser of M1 vs. Loser of M2​

b. Traditional WCL Format
b.i. No Playoffs; a double-robin-round of 10 weeks will be held.​

c. Any match-up that is more than 12 races must be mutually agreed. Staff reserves its right to force a date to play on, should the scheduling take too long.

XVII. Incomplete Matches

a. Should the staff agree that a team had an acceptable reason for not completing a match, any remaining GP(s)/race(s) are to be played at a mutually agreed date/time. Should both teams fail to reach an agreement, they are to play at a date/time set by the staff.
b. Should the staff believe that a team was unwilling to complete a match without good reason, scores for any completed GP(s)/race(s) that are presented may be counted as the final match result, or the team that was unwilling to complete the match may lose that match by forfeit.

XVIII. Rescheduling & Replays

a. Matches are to take place at the default time. Teams can agree to play at any point earlier than the default time. Teams must play their match no later than 1 week after the default time.
a.i. A team's default date/time for home matches may be changed if, for nearly the majority of the team's members, it resolves a scheduling conflict spawned from timezone complications, religious holidays, and/or a separate Mario Kart league. This change will require Council's approval.​
b. If both teams agree to reschedule a match, the new match date/time will override the original date/time for that match.
c. Should a scheduled match coincide with a country's national or religious holiday, both teams are to play at a mutually agreed date/time. Should both teams fail to reach an agreement, they are to play at a date/time set by staff.
d. Should both teams fail to honor the agreed and/or set date/time for reschedules, replays or the completion of any remaining GP(s)/race(s), any scores presented may be counted as the final match result. If no GP(s)/race(s) is presented, the match will be scored 100-100 and both teams will receive 0 points for the match on their division’s leaderboard.
e. Teams must post their rescheduled match results and/or remaining GP/race results no later than 24 hours after the match completion.

XIX. Forfeits

a. If a team forfeits a match, the match is to be scored 100-0 in favor of the opponent.
b. If two teams forfeit a match, the match is to be scored as a 100-100 draw.
c. If a team forfeits a match, it will result in:
...... 1st Forfeit: Warning
...... 2nd Forfeit: Risk of no invitation for next season
...... 3rd Forfeit: Disqualification from the Wiimmfi League

XX. Disqualifications / Withdrawals

a. Match results against disqualified or withdrawn teams will receive a 100-0 score in favor of the team still participating.
b. Any future match results in which two disqualified or withdrawn teams play each other will be scored as 100-100. Both teams will receive 0 points for the match on their division’s leaderboard.
c. Any individual points for players of disqualified or withdrawn teams will be removed.
d. If a team withdraws during a season, it will result in:
..... 1st time withdrawing: Warning + risk of no invitation for next season
..... 2nd time withdrawing: Disqualification from the Wiimmfi League
d.i. If a team from a regular track division withdraws during a season, the rules stated in d. will apply to their custom track team as well (if they have a similar roster as the team that has withdrawn), and vice-versa.​

*If you use these rules outside of RTWL, please use common sense regarding score penalties in matches that aren't 5vs5 and be reasonable regarding tag rules, hosting rules etc. These rules are specifically meant for the league. Teams who continuously go out of their way to apply these rules to impractical scenarios or manipulate rules to get wins will be excluded from the community.
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