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Remove the terms pack player and front runner


Jul 8, 2018
La Valse
This is a plea to all casters and people conducting interviews around MKPS and WC matches. Please stop branding in game roles for players such as these. These things do not exist at any sort of competitive level. All players in a war format need to be able to adapt to whatever situation in the race that they find themselves in whether that is being in the front, schlagging or holding a dodge/preventing the other team pulling them. No team has set roles going into a race other than their starting positions in alt spots format which is organised based off individual players strengths.

Thank you for reading


Media Staff
Jun 25, 2018
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As a caster, I totally agree and I think I've used these terms incorrect in the past. I do believe however that specific players are more apt to committing to a certain role within the race. A big example I mentioned in a previous cast was Dugo. He doesn't care what place he's in or what item he pulls. Even if it's triple shrooms you better believe he is slamming into the other team. I think it's good to mention specific players and their styles. At the same time as you mentioned you have to have adaptability. set roles don't really work with MKW because of how quickly things change within a race.