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Released War tables


If you ask me nicely
Aug 11, 2018
FL, Mi
I don't think this is the correct place to post this so forgive me if it isn't.

So I got bored one day and decided hey why not make war tables.. boring life I know. So I decided why don't I release them for those who dont have their own war tables or are stuck with the generic tables (looks at slide).

You will need Windows Excel to run this file.

In this file I'll be placing further below, it will include:

Original war table - http://prntscr.com/6s90pj
Shortened war table - http://prntscr.com/6s90bt
Side by side war table - http://prntscr.com/6s90we
4v4v4 table - http://prntscr.com/6s91a1
3v3v3v3 table - http://prntscr.com/6s91il
KO table (may not suit all KOs knock out rules) - http://prntscr.com/6s91qj
2v2 table - http://prntscr.com/6s91wv

A few notes about some tables:

The Shortened war table will be the first to show up, filling in this table will automatically fill in the original table and the side by side table (penalties will not copy over however). Also all the symbols I could find are to the right of this table.

The file given has its tables on different sheets http://prntscr.com/6s8zod so you can easily switch between tables.

Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?7sqbi66egckxkcv

If there is any issues with the file, feel free to leave a post about it.