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Recent Site Changes!


Jun 24, 2018
Hey all,

We have been quiet for a while now, but we have decided to make some notable changes to our site! We wanted to make these changes because we think they are better for the site’s aesthetic, the purpose of how we want our users to use the site, and our site’s future. These notable changes are as follows:

- Removed MKPS ~ Professional Series from Competitions and separated it into their own category
- Removed Social Gaming category
- Added Small Match Records to Mario Kart Wii category
- Added Player’s Hub to Racers’ Lounge
- Removed Media Center category
- Created Leagues section
- Added WL, EL, CL (Celestial League), and RL (Retro League) to Leagues section
- Separated Clans section into two different subsections: Teams (MKPS clans) and Groups (Non MKPS clans)
- Created Hall of Fame category and removed from Racers’ Lounge

We believe these changes are better for the site’s aesthetic and how we want our user’s to experience the site and how they utilize our perks. If there are any changes anyone would wish to discuss, whether they want to comment on them, suggest a way we could have done it differently, please post about it in the replies!

We have so much more planned for the future, and we would like to thank you in your endeavor support!


MarioKartBoards Staff