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Recruiting Quinτessence

Jun 25, 2018

Established 23rd December, 2012.
Thanks for the races everybody, good games.
Legends say that the Mario Kart Wii clan known as Quintessence originated from the post-apocalyptic lands of Australia, founded upon the ashes of mythical Aussie powerhouse clans. But what is Quintessence? And where did it come from?

History recorded through footage and books suggest that the clan known as Quintessence was formed by the infamous criminal, known for stealing points through the usage of iiNet, by the name of Atek. Wielding the powers of his favourite weapon, The Shock, he striked down opposing factions and snatched their carries as prisoners of wars. However, after facing countless losses and achieving the astounding win rate of 30%, the rag tag group of terrible drivers and memers had to face their greatest foe yet: The Nintendo WFC Shutdown.

Facing this great disaster, Atek, like many other clans leaders, had to watch on as the Shutdown claimed the activity of their many players. But from the early days of Wiimmfi, Atek managed to locate and save several players from the clutches of League of Legends and Minecraft: Ultra Hardcore to battle Emperor Simon Elson and his kingdom of professional BC3 Ultra-Cutters and Shock Dodgers. With this new rivalry, many memes were created and the fame of the war band known as Quintessence continued to rise. But as history has shown before, dynasties will come to an end, and the time of Atek was over.

Now under the ownership of Kampel, and with administrative support from Atek, Ben, Lachie, Shaun and Verley, the adventures of Quintessence in the world of Mario Kart clan wars will continue towards the dream of a >50% win rate. Likewise, the Quintessence eSports players will strive towards a team of Grand Champions on Rocket League, and to Victory Royale in as many Fortnite matches as humanly possible.
Contacts: Kampel#2837, lil fa x#6759, verley#9529
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Jun 25, 2018
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Track Review: Koopa Cape
would honestly like to know who at nintendo is responsible for this absolute abomination of a track. every time i race this pile of stinking garbage i wonder how one company can make a track so fundamentally wrong to produce an absolute nightmare for racing. on the outside the track looks quite innocuous, just a casual water stream and pipe section: only the average player might struggle to race it. but upon closer inspection you will discover that this single track is flawed at every turn and impossible to enjoy, yet absolute fools continue to pick it in spite of these obvious fallings.

firstly, that dumbass water stream only functions correctly 50% of the time and lacks consistency when trying to take shortcuts. how can one man take the shroom cut following the entrance to the water section and not get wrecked by the absolute strength of the current, getting pulled in by the irresistible force, causing slow down or an unavoidable wall hit in some cases. i think innovation is necessary to progress video games however the addition of a water stream is awful and nintendo should be ashamed of themselves for even producing a blueprint for this course.

secondly, competitive play is almost nonexistent. how come i'm the only one who can't snipe the goomba to get the mushroom, and why do i have to go five hundred meters out of my way just to get an item so i can catch up to the pack. the only redeeming feature of koopa cape is that the pipe section is kind of fun, but in many cases it just ends up a bottleneck and people are flipping out to random items. also, don't even mention the bagging meta on this track - two people are essentially playing slot machines as they sit beneath the waterfall.

if this course appears race 12 during a close match then just count the loss. i don't know how but despite all this dumb bullshit the races usually end up close, though you can be sure that you will be shocked past the last set of boxes. worst track in the game, 0/10.

don't. pick. this. track.
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Jun 25, 2018
goomba's anime bitches
i hate shaun's lag go and die in a hole lol ggs no re i hate aliens stay on ur own planets or i'll get tony abbott this is such a bad clan simon would be ashamed when i get home i am going to shove a shovel into your anus because it annoys me and verley u say 1 more word m8 and a fist will be jumping down your throat and u won't be laughing when u are bleeding from every hole in your body and i am standing atop of uluru triumphant with my hands raised above my head in victory saluting the greatest mario kart gods then I'm going to fly shaun spaceship into the empire state building and recreate 9/11 but this time i'll have all the qnt members in the plane to demonstrate how much i don't care about the scrubs who average below 30 in a war like how easy is it to score raby can do it and he's like 12 so come on guys i hate being in a clan that never wins it frustrates me how many times shaun falls off or hayden holds bill half a lap behind like r u retarded or something i'm not expecting u guys to be einsteins but u can at least be smarter than verley who plays league of legends what a joke of a game pretending he's playing in korea like a pro but he can't earn money from a stupid game that is mostly rng but i guess life is a bit of rng if you play for fremantle because u can't win a game if u no what i mean verley shut up mario kart was made my nintendo i swear if you add anymore gifs then the whole of iinet will shut down immediately and overload because it can't handle the downloads with like 3MB ping it's almost as bad as crappy telstra which was established in like the 16th century verley why didn't you show up to the fight i ask myself everyday why you're such a bitch but i guess we all grow up someday i don't care about the mods i will hunt them all down one by one with my rusty shank and tear into their left arteries with due respect to their respiratory systems because i don't want to cause deaths or pedophilia or anything because rolf harris and bill crosby found out the hard way verley we'll see who's laughing when you wake up in a pile of rubble when i shoot down your house from a helicopter because i work for the US army and we like to kill terrorists like you (but i will save my friend jayden) who is still one of the greatest people i know he may hack but i know a lot of us out there do it it must be something in the genes and i swear if one of you stingy qnt members post this junk on the thread or give it to a mod then i swear you will not see next week because you will be locked in my closet and force you to fry me pancakes in the morning and if you mention pokemon one more time then i'm going to proceed to the nearest bridge and do a bombie onto the nearest, sharpest rock preferably one that will cause damage to my legs so i can drown and no one will find me in the bottom of the ocean because they still haven't found MH370 so they won't find me right and shaun i swear if you tell them of my location right now i will take your dad and force him to play sudoku in dark rooms until he cries the amazon river and the whole of the town drowns in what will be known as the great flood hayden if you're proposing that you are a mario kart god then you can stick a fork in your left eye and slide down a pile of tacks hopefully puncturing your bodily organs and you may call me crazy but i've seen it done before by the ice of futile, literally water sitting in a refrigerator in a solid state like what a joke i was doing that kinda stuff when i was 4 and if you think i'm stopping here then you strap yourself in for a drive down the freeway because atek's back baby and this time i'm going at 100 miles per hours for the haters that want to put me down out there with no brakes like damian when he plays mk8 only difference is he gets hit by redshells haha good one and if by yawning verley you are suggesting that this is at all boring then maybe you should come fight me because i bought some new knuckle busters off eBay earlier this morning and i am ready for combat piss off ben everyone saw that like 3 weeks ago you idiot go back to doing something you are good at like wiping the dishes it's hard for me to believe the new dishes wiping metagame like holy crap the revolutionary changes that this sport has undergone in the past decade makes a smile come to my dial when will i stop you ask well you can ask verley because he has found out that the road to death will never stop in fact he'll probably get run over by a train in the next 24 hours not like i'd want him to but we are all a bit careless sometimes even that atek guy who takes 10 hours to brush his teeth like verley why r u laughing i haven't said anything yet you stinge