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Player Hubs - Info, FAQ, Rules.

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The Irish Mark
Jun 3, 2018
Welcome to the Player Hubs section. Within, you will find threads that people have made to advertise their friend rosters, tell people about themselves, chat with people who they've raced against and more.

Rules of the Player Hubs section:

One thread per player.
Why?: Reduction on server load and to avoid confusion for people trying to find you. Since many people play multiple games (including non-MK games), this also encourages people to make their hubs about all their gaming exploits, if they so desire.

NOTE: While there can only be one thread per player, nothing stops you from having two players on the same thread. Two people can share the same hub with separate posts, but keep in mind the "One thread per player" rule still applies, and the thread will count for both members. With exceptions three people can share a hub, but four or more should either split into groups small enough or create a community.

Thread approval is required.
Why?: Ties in with the above. Also, prevents irrelevant threads from being posted.

That's pretty simple, right?

Of course, all other forum rules apply.

Some information to consider adding to your hub:
- Assorted Mario Kart and Wii U friend lists, friend codes and NNIDs
- Xbox Live Gamertag/PSN Username
- Your playstyle and some quick info about you
- Your favourite characters and tracks
- Your YouTube or Twitch channels
- Some way to contact you privately

Have fun, and as usual, keep it chill.
Not open for further replies.