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Council Online


Active member
CTL Staff
Jun 28, 2018
Succeed or Perish
Hey, my name is Online and I'd like to apply for Council.

I believe that I can be a good council member as I am able to bring more diversity to the somewhat 'sameness' outsider look of the council which has only recently started to be deconstructed.

For previous experiences, I am currently a Division admin, having been the division admin for RTD5, arguably the div with the most drama, and then being the CTD1 division admin, having the unusual problem with having only 5 teams in a 10 week format, so I had to find a solution to this probelm by myself. Along with CTD1, I was the DA for RTD1 as their DA resigned, and I volunteered to take their position. I've had to often be the mediator and keep everything running smoothly until a final conclusion has been made. Along with this I have been division admins for both DA and sop before, which has involved me having to work alongside other reps who have had encounters with council themselves. I was also directly affected by the KP controversy and I feel like I played a part in the debate surrounding this issue which didn't have a clear yes or no answer. I believe I would be an especially helpful candidate as I play regs and CTs equally, so I believe I would have a good insight on the entire league, which is not something every candidate can say.

If you're looking for someone with both an exterior mindset and an interior mindset, I am the person you want. I constantly compare the league to other competitions both in the gaming scene and in the sport scenes, and use these ideas to try and help suggest ideas to make the league even better. if you want an example of this, I somewhat helped create the idea of protecting and banning tracks for CTWL along with Tea, which helped to create a compromise for the somewhat controversial CTWL trackban rules to try and make as many people happy as possible. If you want an example of an idea I made up myself, I was the one who suggested replacing caster's picks with representative's picks back in S12, which arguably (aside from the meme choices) helped to give the caster's picks to people who might have deserved them better than what the casters may have been able to think of.

I can assure i will be as committed to council as I possibly can be. I am passionate about this league and want it to be as big of a success as possible, so I will make sure that I don't let my standards slip by letting my activity decrease. I am currently off from now until September as I have just finished school and I am about to go to University, so I should have a lot of free time to help with the everyday running of WL. The only things that may hault this progress are my part-time job and social activities, but not enough to the point where they'd be a burden to my activity. There's a reason I'm planning on staying as a DA for a third season in a row, not because I enjoy writing numbers on a spreadsheet, but because I want to make WL as good as I possibly can.

One of the biggest problems with council right now I believe is their lack of communication between them, the other WL staff members such as DAs, and the wider community, and it has personally affected my activity in the league partially due to the lack of it. The two biggest examples of this I can think of were the changes to CTWL track picks S15 (announced less than one day before final seedings), and the council's final decision on changing win/loss/draw points on tables to DAs (which made the start to the season really rough for DAs, especially the new ones). I personally believe this lack of communication is the biggest reason people are sceptical of council, and I'm here to change this.

I'm very used to working under pressure, as both my job and being a division admin has trained me very well for this. I'm used to people wanting the best from me, and then me trying to give my best back to them.

Thanks for considering my application.
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