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Old Site Closure, Leagues, Tournaments, Stream Tab and more!


Thanks for the chance
Jun 3, 2018
Hello there everyone, Stunky here with another update on what we've been doing, and what we plan to do.

Old site closes soon
This is a reminder that the old site, https://forums.mkboards.com/, will be becoming read-only over this weekend (Starting Sunday 12th August) in order to make the move to https://mariokartboards.com/ official. Please attempt to register and copy any required documents where possible, and if you run in to issues please let staff know.

Staff Changes
Following a situation, Sketch is to become a moderator for the time being, with Markness (@Mark) replacing him with immediate effect. We'd like to wish Mark the best of luck in this role, and hope we can work together to improve the site further.

Leagues and Tournaments
Within a short time we will be hosting a number of tournaments and free for all events on the new https://mariokartboards.com/ website now that we can focus on providing a service that we're proud of being sustainable. The first tournament is going to be a 2v2 FFA for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe hosted on Saturday 18th August, the thread for that will be going up soon after this announcement.

We will also be working towards providing a new league opportunity for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the new site. We aim for a number of the tournaments to be placed and ran as a bit of a gap period while we attempt to build a strong and stable environment for a league, however please be sure to look out for that as we intend to get the section made and registrations open within a short time frame.

Staff applications for the new league and tournaments are open already, and the section can be found at https://mariokartboards.com/forums/deluxe-league-applications.298/. If you have any questions for that please contact a member of MarioKartBoards staff.

We don't have exact roles as of this time and are looking more for a general base, but we will also be looking for casters. The prefixes "Staff" and "Caster" will therefore be the only ones as of this point in time.

We'll mention this topic in future announcements as we make more progress.

Stream Tab Functional
During a staff meeting yesterday, Beto posted a thread in regards to whether or not people would like to see the stream tab return for our new site. The feedback was overwhelming, and thus we're proud to announce that (thanks to a donation from ex-admin @Jake) we've been able to get the tab functional ahead of the planned date.

Supporters will be able to submit their stream links to be featured, however will require approval from a member of staff. Failure to use the feature correctly may result in removal of permissions from certain people.

Please check out this new feature at https://mariokartboards.com/ewr-rio/ and let us know what you think!

Donations Functional
Following some work from Beto we now have a functional donation button at https://mariokartboards.com/donate/ as opposed to the original setup of it going directly to a PayPal link. Money helps to get addons and features as well as help afford site running costs, so if you're able to give even a little bit it's appreciated.

Connection Issues
This is just a note to say that we're now back in contact with the server hosts with a number of theories in an attempt to improve the issue with some being unable to connect. We cannot yet promise any improvement, however please be aware that we are working on it, and will hope to achieve improvement soon if possible.

Thank you for reading this announcement, again if there are any issues please contact a member of MarioKartBoards Staff. We hope to be able to provide a stronger service in the following weeks with this new site.
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