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NK (New Kings) Clan


New member
Nov 21, 2018
Phoenix, Arizona
Hello! I have made a clan and I hope that you guys will want to join it!
  • Clan name: New Kings
  • Clan tag: NK
  • Link to clan thread: https://discord.gg/5T6SV4m
  • Primary country and/or timezone(s): USA
  • Activity (1-10): 5
  • Recruiting (Racer, Bagger, Troller): Racer
  • Discord and/or Skype contact: https://discord.gg/5T6SV4m
  • Other: You Need To Have More Than 6000 VR At The Time Of Joining
  • My Online Tag: 0177-8026-4067
  • Be Sure To Comment Your Online Tag If You Want To Join