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Need help on a few shortcuts

Aug 16, 2018
I've tried to look for tutorials and even tried to experiment to come up with my own method for these few scs, but I haven't gotten much success.
I play with Funky and I'm looking for a relatively consistent way for each sc.
If anyone has a tutorial on the following scs please post it below thx
Videos screenshots or verbal description would all help.
Thx in advance

BCWii glitch (w/ or w/o shroom)
Every tutorial is with Daisy, only Funky tutorial is probably outdated (2011 by troy:unsure:)
I personally have two problems with this sc. The alignment in troy's vid for the bolts is really inconsistent because I make it only about 20% of the time with seemingly the exact same alignment. Also I ALWAYS bunk into the wall after landing and can't figure out how to avoid it.

GV rockhop (stop or non-stop)
I've watched clips of people pulling it off but can't find any explanation on the alignment (only tutorial again 2010 by troy lol)
My biggest problem with this one is getting onto the other side. I can make it onto the rock pretty consistently stop or nonstop but I only get enough air to make to the other side half of the time or less. Most of the time I get a wall clip off the rock and can't even hop.

BC3 Ultra (def stop for this one lol)
I've tried a variety of alignments and all of them work sometimes, never consistent. I'm unsure about where on the ramp to aim for and when to shift and for how long I hold right.
Nov 24, 2018
lol, I would help but these are the exact same shortcuts I struggle with. I play half CTs so I spend more time practicing those but I suggest looking at controller imputs. Have you tried Ninranking's Input Viewer?
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Aug 16, 2018
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I was practicing rock hop and found something interesting. This is more of a note-to-self as I practice these cuts but if you find it useful too then great.

1. use shroom as late as possible (not in the dirt but right before) to get more air
2. align on the highest part of the hill where a diamon sits
3. try to shift more to the right before the landing because the part of the track on the right extends out more
4. hitting the very left edge of the rock will never give enough air, try to land towards the middle of the rock