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Council Mystic (Accepted)

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Jun 24, 2018
Hello, my name is Mystic (or Gabe, whichever you prefer).

I am currently 20 years old, and am interested in becoming a member of WL Council.

I have been involved with the Mario Kart Wii competitive scene since 2012, and have participated in WCL, IL, CSL, and WL. So I'm no stranger to league rules, as well as having to adapt and adjust to change. I actively play Regular Tracks, with the occasional Custom Track WorldWide's, so I know my way around the track and I am available to talk to when needed.

In terms of experience; I am currently a moderator in Regular Track Mogi Lounge, and was previously a moderator in Regular Track Clan Lounge. With this knowledge and experience, it has helped me with my grasp of the game, as well as gaining insight of higher division players, as well as lower tier players. It has also helped with my decision making skills and making sure I'm making the correct decision.

I have helped lead teams in the past such as: Synergy (sYn), Team Night (Ni), Friends United (FU), Coastline (Co), and Kasiers (k`s). With this experience, it has taught me to be more understanding and take everyone's thoughts into consideration when coming into a final decision about the team and players. Additionally, it has taught me to take charge when needed and put a foot down when things get out of hand.

I am open around a lot of others, and I consider myself an easy going person, and easy to talk to and joke around with. My current in real life job utilizes the aspect of teamwork and customer service, so I think this would help working with other council members, coming to conclusive decisions, and helping any player with possible questions or concerns they have about the league.

Thank you for taking your time to read my application and I hope you consider me for the position.

-- Mystic / Gabe

Contact Info:
- Discord: Mystic#6515
- Skype: mysticxk
Not open for further replies.