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My custom music and some textures


New member
Nov 4, 2018
The MenuSingle.szs file in this was intended to be used with CTGP and I have no idea what it would look like with the custom tracks.

==Luigi Circuit / Mario Circuit==
Laps 1/2 -- Planet Wisp - Act 1 --- Sonic Colors
Lap 3 -- Planet Wisp - Modern --- Sonic Generations

==Moo Moo Meadows==
Spiral Mountain --- Banjo-Kazooie

==Mushroom Gorge==
Mushroom Gorge - Mario Kart Wii --- SiIvaGunner

==Toad's Factory==
L1/2 (Outside) -- Toad's Factory Remix (Nintendo & Panman14)
L1/2 (Inside) -- ^same but with Toad noises
L3 (Outside) -- ^same but the Toad noises are faster
L3 (Inside) -- ^same but with even more Toad noises

==Coconut Mall==
Coconut Mall --- TimmyTurnersGrandDad

==DK Summit / DK's Snowboard Cross==
Freezeezy Peak --- Banjo-Kazooie

==Wario's Gold Mine==
L1/2 (Outside Mine) -- Greenhorn Forest --- Wario World
L1/2 (Inside Mine) -- Greenhorn Forest --- Wario World + Intergalactic --- Beastie Boys
L3 (Outside Mine) -- Starring Wario --- Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix
L3 (Inside Mine) -- Starring Wario! - Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix --- TimmyTurnersGrandDad

==Daisy Circuit==
Title (Animal Crossing) Ver. M --- Project M

==Koopa Cape==
Treasure Trove Cove --- Banjo-Kazooie

==Maple Treeway==
To Our Surprise --- Kingdom Hearts

==Grumble Volcano==
Hot Top Volcano --- Diddy Kong Racing

==Dry Dry Ruins==
Sand Ruins --- Sonic Riders

==Moonview Highway==
EarthBound (Fourside) --- Super Smash Bros. Melee

==Bowser's Castle==
Hyrule Castle --- The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

==Rainbow Road==
Moon --- Ducktales: Remastered

==GCN Peach Beach==
Seaside Hill --- Sonic Heroes

==DS Yoshi Falls==
Jungle Falls --- Diddy Kong Racing

==SNES Ghost Valley 2==
Level 7 --- The Simpsons: Hit & Run

==N64 Mario Raceway==
Dynamite Rocket --- No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

==N64 Sherbet Land==
Walrus Cove --- Diddy Kong Racing

==GBA Shy Guy Beach==
Crab Rave Man --- Cryptrik

==DS Delfino Square==
Greenwood Village / Windmill Plains --- Diddy Kong Racing

==GCN Waluigi Stadium==
Waluigi Pinball --- Super Smash Bros. Brawl

==DS Desert Hills==
Tower Power Pokey Battle --- Paper Mario: Sticker Star

==GBA Bowser Castle 3==
Underground Moon Caverns (Moon Kingdom) --- Super Mario Odyssey

==N64 DK's Jungle Parkway==

==GCN Mario Circuit==
Andy's Neighborhood --- Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue

==SNES Mario Circuit 3==
Super Mario Kart - Mario Circuit --- R u s h n e r d

==DS Peach Gardens==
Press Garden Zone, Act 2 (Blossom Haze) --- Sonic Mania

==GCN DK Mountain==
Temple Trouble --- Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

==N64 Bowser Castle==
Dracula's Castle --- Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

==Block Plaza (GBA Ribbon Road)==
GBA Ribbon Road --- Mario Kart 8

==Delfino Pier (Delfino Island)==
Crescent Island --- Diddy Kong Racing

==Funky Stadium (Sea Stadium)==
Turn the Tables on Plankton --- The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (Game)

==Chain Chomp Wheel / Chain Chomp Roulette (Disco Fever / Nightlife Party)==
Casino Park Zone --- Sonic Heroes

==Thwomp Desert (Canyon Run / Stone Route / GCN Dry Dry Desert)==
Kirby 64 - Rock Star --- Kirby Air Ride

==SNES Battle Course 4 (SNES Choco Island 1)==
Choco Island 2 - Mario Kart DS --- SiIvaGunner

==GBA Battle Course 3==
Ancient Lake --- Diddy Kong Racing

==N64 Skyscraper (DS Tick Tock Clock)==
DS Tick Tock Clock --- Mario Kart 8

==GCN Cookie Land (GCN Baby Park)==
L1/2 -- GCN Baby Park (In-Game Style) --- Mario Kart 8
L3 -- GCN Baby Park (Fast) --- Mario Kart 8

==DS Twilight House (Mansion of Madness)==
Mystic Mansion --- Sonic Heroes

==Galaxy Colosseum / Galaxy Arena (SADX Twinkle Circuit Laps 1 & 2)==
Twinkle Circuit --- Sonic Adventure + a super smooth transition into Twinkle Cart that totally dosn't sound awkward

==Trophy Presentations - Grand Prix (SADX Twinkle Circuit Lap 3)==
Sweet Victory --- David Glen Eisley

==Trophy Presentations - VS==
Sweet Victory (instrumental) --- David Glen Eisley

==Trophy Presentations - Skipped==
Fanfare --- Final Fantasy VII

==No Trophy For You!==
Seinfeld Theme --- Seinfeld + laughing audience sound effect +
Game Over, Yeah! --- Sega Rally Championship

==1st Place Goal (Grand Prix / VS) + Results==
Finish --- F-Zero X

==Top Goal (Grand Prix / VS) + Results==
I wanted to put in SiIvaGunner's "Winning Results - Mario Kart Wii" rip but that was too loud so I tried to make my own version.

==Low Goal (Grand Prix / VS) + Results==
Nelson's laugh --- The Simpsons + I am very glad, because I'm finally returning back home --- Eduard Khil

==New Score (Time Trial) + Results==
Level Clear & S Rank --- Sonic Generations

==Ranking (Time Trial) + Results==
Air Ride - Results Screen --- Kirby Air Ride

==Rank Out (Time Trial) + Results==
Lost Against Boss --- Diddy Kong Racing

==Course Introduction==
Course View 2 --- F-Zero GX

==Start Your Engines (Grand Prix / VS)==
Start Demo --- F-Zero X

==Start Your Engines (Time Trial)==
Mission Clear --- F-Zero GX

==Start Your Engines (Wi-Fi)==
Course View 1 --- F-Zero GX

Respect Your Elders - Leffen Diss Track (instrumental) --- chillindude829

==Replay / Wi-Fi Waiting==
Intermission --- Monty Python and the Holy Grail

==Unlock Fanfare==
Item Catch --- The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

==Title Screen / Main Menu==
Start Your Engines (Looped) (Arcade) --- Daytona USA

==Singleplayer / Multiplayer Menu==
Menu --- Kirby Air Ride

Stepping on the M83 --- notsandvichhobo

==Mega Mushroom==
Mega Mushroom --- Mario Kart Wii + Baby Got Back --- Sir-Mix-A-Lot

==Final Lap jingle==
Final Lap jingle --- Mario Kart: Double Dash!! + Yeah! The Final Lap! --- F-zero X
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