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Multiple Leagues


Jun 25, 2018
I’ve said this before, but new site and lots of change posts recently that have been met with some mixed opinions....

Not sure why we are still trying to do what is literally impossible and make a league for people who are really interested in competing and for those just interested in playing for fun with some friends all in the same league.

You can run for example a bracket group stage with 16 teams, run WCL no playoffs with 3 divisions, and some third format with X teams and guess what? We all still playing the same Mario Kart. It doesn’t hurt activity if anything it increases it because higher percentage of teams are playing in a league they enjoy. The metric of amount of teams registered for a league is a shitty metric. A league where 100 teams and only 10 of them are active is worse than a league that has 40 teams and 30 active for example.

You can stuff it all under WL name too.