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Most important online driving techs for a new player? (rank 1-10, most to least important)


Jun 25, 2018
Warren, MI, USA
UHDR7T7 - Maidvelia Serial Number
Feel free to post your list with your reasonings. The purpose of this thread is to generate discussion on what the essentials for a new player are.

1. Delayed drifts
2. Chain drifts (two MTs in a row without a hop)
3. Delayed tricks
4. Hop low tricks
5. Soft drifts
6. Spin drifts
7. Mid-MT wheelie turns (watch how the turn is made on rDS)
8. Ramp drift low tricks / ramp drifting in general
9. Slip drifts (landing into a drift from any pocket of air)
10. Chain wheelies

Not featured:
Wheelie chain drifts (two MTs in a row without a hop but a wheelie between the drifts)
Hop tricks
Spindrift hop tricks (think Mushroom Island and Flying Kingdom shortcuts)
Superman (skipping entire sets of stairs with MT+wheelie)
Bounce drift (landing from a short drift into a drift in the opposite direction without a hop, usually from some pocket of air--what Reo calls the "cool drift")

My reasons:

I have delayed drifts at number 1 because turning and drifting at the same time (sometimes called a "2008 drift") loses a significant amount of time that could be used to build a mini turbo and also results in poor alignments usually. I think it is the main reason why most new players cannot keep up online.

I have chain drifts at number 2 because the time it takes to get a second MT with a hop as opposed to without one is very large and it's very common for a new player to be overtaken if they miss chaining their drifts on turns.

I have delayed tricks at number 3 because they are the easiest and most consistent way to reduce air time. You have approximately 15 frames after your trick to delay it. Air time is a time killer in this game and anyone that goes for full air time in this game will be overtaken pretty fast.

I have hop low tricks at number 4 because they're unfortunately basically required to not get overtaken and keep a strong lead on frontrunning tracks that feature them. The difference between making a hop low trick and missing it is very large. The most prominent example of course is BC3's ramps.

I have soft drifts at number 5 because while it may not be as important as delayed drifting for getting MTs, it is still a method in which to get MTs faster. Faster MTs are always going to help you stay in the front and possibly prevent getting drafted or bumped.

I have spin drifts at number 6 because they're not exactly required to succeed. They are just a very useful tool for when you are misaligned for a corner, need to dodge an item without compromising too much of your line or wheelie, a specific corner requires it, or you are using a vehicle with a terrible drift radius (like the Spear/Torpedo).

I have mid-MT wheelie turns at number 7 because like number 6 you can get by without it. They are just the quickest way to get into a wheelie and adjust to get on a proper line. For the longest time I used to delay my wheelies after getting MTs in order to adjust, and while this is still required on some turns (like the one before the second bridge on rBC), it is definitely slower overall. These are especially important for a vehicle like the Spear/Torpedo where your MT time is very small and you do not have much time to get your wheelie out if you choose to delay it.
This is also by far the coolest looking driving tech in the game imo.

I have ramp drift low tricks and ramp drifting in general at number 8 because it does not affect your lead TOO much if you get a normal height trick unless the ramp is poorly designed. Delayed tricks are still easier to pull off and save enough time to comfortable hold a lead (as well as maintain a more straight line).

I have slip drifts at number 9 because only a very small amount of tracks require them (like the end of DDR; also people go for one before the wall glitch on there but you can have a hop and still make it). It is just as fast, if not faster, to get a very low hop at the start or end of an incline because your turn will be tighter (think end of rDS).

I have chain wheelies at number 10 because while they're very important for time trials, online where items are involved is a whole different story. You basically have to be neck and neck on a straightaway for a chain wheelie to be the difference between overtaken or not. While chains do help with getting drafts, it is very easy to hop out of your line to mitigate the chance of your opponent successfully getting one.

I did not feature wheelie chain drifts because they are only mere milliseconds faster than normal chain drifts when executed properly.

I did not feature hop tricks or spindrift hop tricks because only a very small amount of strategies in the game utilize them (on custom tracks mainly). Yes hop tricks help with BC and RR's wavy sections and getting low pillars on DDR but not much time is lost in those places (you can get a low trick on DDR just by being in the right spot for the pillars, though it is more inconsistent).

I did not feature the superman because it is only necessary for tracks with stairs. Also in the grand scheme of things it is not that difficult to catch up or let your lead be compromised if you just go down the stairs while trying to keep speed loss to a minimum.

I did not feature the bounce drift because it is only useful on automatic drift for rPG to skip going into the grass before the downhill.