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Monosc's Time Trials


New member
Jul 3, 2018
As I've had my TT thread on mkboards for a long time now, I decided to copy and paste it so it can live on here.

LC: 1:09.744​
MMM: 1:16.497​
MG: 1:42.991​
TF: 1:50.241​

MC: 1:22.376​
CM: 1:56.489 (#10 EU)​
DKS: 1:48.933​
DKS (old strat): 1:49.4 (forgot exact time, will edit later)​
WGM: 1:52.051​
DC: 1:30.475​
KC: 2:19.958​
MT: 2:18.814​
GV: 1:53.442​
DDR: 1:49.124​
MH: 1:43.908​
BC: 2:22.834​
RR: 2:29.958​
rPB: 1:13.971​
rYF: 00:59.777​
rGV2: 00:53.512​
rMR: 1:42.525​
rSL: 2:05.782​
rSGB: 1:22.733​
rDS: 2:05.442​
rWS: 1:52.889​
rDH: 1:36.060​
rBC3: 2:18.809​
rBC3 (with SC): 2:03.806​
rDKJP: 2:14.878​
rMC: 1:31.873​
rMC3: 1:18.990 (Flame Runner)​
rPG: 2:00.839 (Flame Runner)​
rDKM: 2:08.809 (Flame Runner)​
rBC: 2:32.346​
As I don't really care about glitches and Flaps I didn't post them here.​
If you care about my glitch and Flap times fell free to check my PP timesheet: http://www.mariokart64.com/mkw/profile.php?pid=1145
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