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Model Hacking and New Courses Thread


Based Janegirl
Jun 25, 2018
Warren, MI, USA
Aces - «◇»
I did NOT come up with this information. Credit goes to MrBean35000vr when this was originally created on MarioKartWii.com.

Model hacking. The way to create new tracks for MKW ;)


Ever wanted to try your hand at making your own course in Mario Kart Wii?

In a nutshell, model hacking is the art of altering anything that has a "physical form" in the Mario Kart world... like course layouts and stuff!

So, as the majority of you probably know, Mr Bean and Chadderz have been hacking at Mario Kart for ages and managed to change the textures in the game about 3 months ago from this post. Recently Chadderz has managed to code an editor for 3D models as well. 3D models affect how the course is laid out and displayed, every course in the game is stored as one or multiple ones. So if we have an editor for one, we can make our own models and manipulate existing ones...

And that is the start of model hacking and completely new, custom courses.

It's now been nearly 4 years since this post was created, and many things have changed from the old days. This form of hacking has become exceedingly popular despite its difficulty. Where once you were required to draw tracks in Paint, you can now use proper 3D modelling software to design your courses, and import your models directly into the game. We now have a distribution that contains 184 different custom tracks, all playable online with randomgoers (see the link above), so if you're not able to make your own track but would to play some of other peoples' creations, then this is also possible (and a lot easier to do).

In this thread, authors tend to post news and videos on their upcoming tracks. It's also a good place for rookies and newcomers to ask for advice. So if you want to know the latest, be sure to keep an eye on the final few pages whenever you're in this area of the forum ;)

If you want to try model hacking for yourself, please download CTools from the link below. CTools is Chadderz's work; it is capable of importing models in OBJ format and changing texturing. Also recommended, the SZS Modifier v2.1.0.0 (or higher), which can handle checkpointing and a few other things that CTools cannot. You will also need some kind of 3D modelling software that can export to OBJ format, in which to build your track.

Chadderz's website

Other tools are particularly helpful to the creation of Mario Kart Wii custom tracks as well; for tutorials and lists of other helpful applications, please go to the Custom Mario Kart Wiki which is currently one of the best sources for information on custom tracks and their developement available.

*Credit to Futile for originally owning this thread on old MKB.