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MKW "rng" fantasy football Predictions

Aug 27, 2018
http://games.espn.com/ffl/leagueoffice?leagueId=115891&seasonId=2018 link to the league.

Predicting people based on who I think I need to curse to win the league because they cheat or have incredible rng at this stuff. Sike, if I did that I'd be dishonest on who I think would actually win.

10. Shawn
The biggest problem for Shawn is injury prone players like Luck, Wentz, Fournette and Reed. The only real consistent stud is Antonio Brown and Mike Evans is always overpicked. Royce Freeman has probably the best potential on this team. Rest of the team are either low end bench players or low end flexes.

Key Players: Brown, Luck, Wentz
50/50 (Players, can either be good/crappy based on value): Evans, Fournette, Drake, Crabtree, Peterson

9. Cookie
Not a big fan of Barkley this year especially with a suspect oline. QBs are suspect. Gordon high risk high reward. Hill and Beckham will be carrying. Ross has some upside but other than that not much of high ceiling potential here.

Key Players: Beckham, Hill,
50/50: Stafford, Barkley, Cobb, Chubb

8. Kokoko
Look at those QBs... lol. Dalton starting is a pretty good meme. However, he does have DJ and 1 yard TD machine Gordon so those guys will be poppin off. Green has always been solid for the past years. Mixon could be a God or an unforgettable player. Trubisky might not be that bad this season but as a QB1, Kokoko may have a long season...

Key Players: D.Johnson (RB), Gordon, A.J Green,
50/50: Trubisky, Mixon, Burkhead, Parker, Crowder

7. Luke

Overall a solid team from top to bottom but Jeffrey being a WR2 is pretty scary. While Jordan Howard and Kareem Hunt will be inconsistent throughout the year. Rivers is ususally a solid QB and Jimmy G has good upside. Some decent upside on the bench with Moore and Ronald Jones. Biggest problem will be inconsistency.

Key Players: Hopkins, Hunt, Rivers, Ertz
50/50: Cooks, Jimmy G, Moore, Jones

6. Brandoli

Pretty much a team with decent to solid players with not much upside other than injury prones Eifret and Nelson. Not really any upside on this team. However, Kamara and Cook could be a huge one-two punch... but could also get hit with the sophmore slump. Woods has big play potential but not sure how much he is going to be used while Sanders has established himself as a low end flex play if anything.

Key Players: Newton, Goff, Kamara, Cook
50/50: Thielen, Nelson, Eifret

Top 5 soon.



Lounge Staff
Jun 25, 2018
Yoshter hasn't finished the analysis but I'm gonna give my picks for the week 1 matchups (trying not to jinx anyone)

Connor vs Kokoko

Kokoko is loaded at running back with David Johnson, Melvin Gordon, and Joe Mixon, all of which could finish as top 12 RBs. He also has AJ Green for some consistent production at the WR position. Connor went QB early and as a result is a weaker than Kokoko everywhere but QB where he has a massive advantage with Brady and Watson going against Trubisky and Dalton. I'm still gonna take Kokoko here because of the RB depth.

JAM vs Luke

In my eyes, Jam has the best team in the league. He kept sniping my draft targets right before I could take them. Todd Gurley and Alex Collins provide a strong rb core, and getting Doug Baldwin as a wr2 is great value. Luke has Kareem Hunt, who I'm not a big fan of, but he does have Jordan Howard and Deandre Hopkins. I think this one will be close, but I have Jam coming out on top this week.

Yoshter vs Life

Yoshter's RBs aren't that great, with Lesean McCoy as a RB1 being pretty weak. Lamar Miller will get you 10 points a week no matter what, so Yoshter will have consistent RB2 production. He went WR early, which could make a difference if Julio Jones scores more touchdowns this year to go with consistent production from Michael Thomas. Life has Wilson and Brees, both of which could finish as top 10 qbs along with Zeke and Gronk. Starting 2 patriots wrs is never great, but since Hogan and Gronk will get a ton of targets the first four weeks with Edelman out, I'm gonna go with Life this week.

Cookie vs Yui

Cookie has the stack of Barkely and OBJ, both of which could put in some work. Barkley is the best RB prospect of the past decade, and is playing behind a much improved O-Line. Tyreek Hill is playing on the road so if last year's stats are an indicator he's due for a long TD this week. Cobb is a sleeper pick for me this year, but Josh Gordon probably won't get much work this week (will update if Cookie starts someone else). Yui has Kamara, who I think explodes this week against the Bucs, and Cook against the 49ers in a game the Vikings should win easily, but outside of that I think Cookie has the advantage and will win this week.

Not predicting my matchup vs Shawn


Lounge Staff
Jun 25, 2018
Week 1 predictions: 4/4
That means i'm gonna go 0/4 this week

Kokoko vs Yoshter

Kokoko's team went off last week, even with his 2 QBs combining for 30 points. The autodraft strategy of loading up on RBs really paid off, and he has 4 top 20 RBs this week. I'm not a big fan of his WR situation but his RBs are so strong. Yoshter's RB situation is a little suspect, with LeSean McCoy as his RB1, but Alex Smith has a great matchup, and Mahomes looked great last week and has huge upside. At WR, Michael Thomas should have a huge week (easily a top 5 wr for me this week) but Julio Jones should struggle. This is gonna be a really close matchup, but I see yoshter coming out on top on the back of his QBs and Michael Thomas

Connor vs Cookie

I'm not a huge fan of Connor's team. Brady has a tough matchup this week vs the Jags and Watson is looking like a bust, as is Derrick Henry and Jimmy Graham. Carlos Hyde and Keenan Allen should have good weeks, but it's gonna be tough for Connor to pull out a win in this one. Cookie has several players that could go off (saquon, tyreek, josh gordon) and also has some high floor players in obj and Tyrod Taylor. Once again, Tyreek Hill is on the road so he's due for a long TD, and Josh Gordon is playing in the Superdome in a game where the Browns will have to throw early and often to keep up. I'm going with Cookie this week

Shawn vs Life

Shawn's team took advantage of some good matchups last week to beat me, and that could continue this week. Jordan Reed and AP going against the Colts is a plus, as is Royce Freeman against the Raiders. AB provides a high floor as always, but I think Mike Evans comes down to earth this week after the explosion that was the Bucs offense last week. Fournette sitting out of this week's game would hurt Shawn a lot. Life's RB core is good with Zeke and C-Mac, but Amari Cooper is not a good WR1 although Golden Tate provides a high floor as a WR2. Drew Brees and Gronk should both have huge weeks. This one is going to be close, but I'm going with Shawn to move on to 2-0 if Fournette plays. If Fournette does not play, I think life will pull it out.

Yui vs Luke

Luke has a strong core of Jordan Howard and Deandre Hopkins, and I think Kareem Hunt bounces back this week after falling victim to the Andy Reid disappearing RB act. Jimmy G and Phillip Rivers are both safe plays this week. Devin Funchess could take advantage of Greg Olsen being out, and Zach Ertz goes up against a terrible Tampa Bay secondary. Yui got RNGd last week, putting up the 2nd most points in the league and losing, but Kamara and Cook should both score really well this week. I'm a little worried about Thielen if Rodgers doesn't play, but Fitzgerald should have a high floor because he and DJ are the only people that get targeted in Arizona. Due to the high-floor RBs and high ceiling plays elsewhere, I'm going with Yui this week.