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[MKW] Holiday 2v2 FFA | Sunday, December 16 (Hosted by MarioKartBoards.com)


Thanks for the chance
Jun 3, 2018

Created and Hosted By: MarioKartBoards
Tournament Type: 2v2v2v2v2v2
Starting Date/Time: Sunday, December 16th @ 2 PM EST (19:00 GMT)
Registration Deadline: Sunday, December 16th @ 1 PM EST (18:00 GMT)
Click here for help converting to your timezone: http://time.is/EST / http://time.is/GMT
Limit: 300 people (150 Teams)
Description: The holidays are around the corner, which means it's time for another holiday FFA!

Right now, all 3 top teams will receive a banner.
We are in the process of figuring out whether or not a Medals plugin works - if it does, we will award medals for the top 3 teams of this FFA event.

I. Registration
Teams must register themselves through this thread. Players do not have to register individually.
a.i. Players must be registered in WL or EL to participate. If you are not registered with a team, register as a Free Agent in WL or EL. For more information on how to sign up as a Free Agent, please visit this thread for WL, or this thread for EL.​
b. You must have an account on MarioKartBoards.com to register.
b.i. If a player is found to be alternate accounting, they will be punished by site staff depending on severity and immediately disqualified from the tournament.​
c. Discord ID is only required for hosting. If you have any chance to a host, please sign up as one.
c.i. OpenHost is required to sign up as a host.​
d. Site-banned players are prohibited from registering.
d.i. Should a site-banned player create an alternate friend code, and have a non-site banned player register and claim the friend code as their own, the non-site banned player will be event banned for the next 6 months.​
e. You may not change your friend code after the tournament starts.
f. You may not ask someone to sub you.
f.i. The only exception to this is if you advanced from a round, but cannot play any longer. You may ask the next placed player in your room to sub you in this case.​
g. If you wish to cancel your registration, please post on this thread or message a MarioKartBoards staff member.

II. General
When you sign up to the FFA, you agree to the rules of the FFA and to the final decisions of the FFA organizers.
b. Free choice of vehicles, characters, and controllers.
c. Repeats are -10 points and reset each round.
d. Major glitches and hacking are not allowed. Performing these glitches will result in immediate disqualification.
d.i. The following track glitches are not allowed:​
- Mushroom Gorge​
- Mario Circuit​
- Coconut Mall (this includes not only the ultra, but also the downward spiral-skip)​
- Wario’s Gold Mine​
- Maple Treeway​
- Grumble Volcano (the rockhop and lava respawn are fine)​
- Rainbow Road (the moonjump is fine)​
- GCN Peach Beach​
- GCN Waluigi Stadium​
- N64 DK’s Jungle Parkway​
- N64 Sherbet Land​
d.ii. Should a player glitch, the host is to immediately end the room, blacklist the offender(s), and continue as normal. All races up to that point will count. The offender(s) will be banned from the next 2 events.​
e. Each round prior to finals consists of 2 GPs.
f. Finals will be 3 GPs.
g. Trolling is not allowed.
g.i. If a player trolls, the host is to immediately end the room, blacklist the offender(s), and continue as normal. All races up to that point will count. The offender(s) will be banned from the next 6 events.​
h. No custom tracks are to be chosen.
h.i. If a custom track is picked for any race, that race will not count and the host must reset the room.​
i. Draggable Blue Shells must be turned off or not used whatsoever; the Speedometer is fine to leave turned on.
j. You cannot voice communicate with other teams in your room.
j.i. If a player is found to be voice communicating, they will be disqualified and banned for the next 2 events.​
k. Teaming (with the exception of your own partner) is banned.
k.i. If a player is found to be teaming, they will be disqualified and banned for the next 2 events.​
l. The MarioKartBoards staff have the right to take action on instances that they believe prevent the tournament from running smoothly. This includes, but is not limited to: players causing toxic connection, warping around the room, manipulating the rules, etc.
m. Rules are subject to change until the start time.

III. Scoring
The total points a player earns is the sum of the two GPs (three GPs are played for the final round).
b. Scores are based on the GP that you've played. If you play only one GP, you will get only points from that GP.
c. Disconnecting will result in zero points unless proven otherwise, as well as +3 for each race missed.
d. If a player disconnects before the end of the first race, they are compensated with 12 points.
e. If 3 or more people disconnect from the room before race 1, the room must be restarted. Disconnections after the beginning of race 1 will be ignored.

IV. Groups
Groups prior to the finals are selected based on RNG. If the MarioKartBoards staff feel that three or more players shouldn't be in the same room together, they will be moved to another room to avoid teaming.
b. Teams must add their respective host and join when the room is opened.
c. Failure to join within the allotted time will result in an automatic disqualification.
d. 3 teams of each room will be advanced, unless otherwise stated prior to the round (e.g. 3 rooms in the Semi Final would lead to top 2 advancing), regardless of how many teams play.

V. Room
Hosts (if using Whitelist OpenHost) must add players at least 5 minutes before the starting time of the round where possible.
b. Players have 10 minutes to join the room from the starting time of the round. If the round starts at 17:30, then players must join by 17:40.
c. The host must open the room within 10 minutes after the round announcement time.
d. In the rare event that there are not enough hosts available, the MKBoards staff will disqualify the last x amount of participants.
d.i. For example, if there is one room without a host, the last 12 participants to sign up will be disqualified.​
e. If loading through CTGP, hosts MUST have the following settings:
[PAGE 4]​
Track Availability: Nintendo Tracks​
Specific Engine Class: 150cc​
Race Count: 4​
Thundercloud Autofire: Normal​
Thundercloud Effect: Normal​
Room Encryption: Off​
Available Vehicles: All Vehicles​
Host Always Wins Vote: Off​
[PAGE 5]​
Item Rain: Off​
All Items Can Land: Off​
Network Data Rate: Normal​
Item Boxes: On​
Only accept CTGP users?: No​
f. If a host is found to be breaking hosting rules, they will be permanently banned from hosting a room in any event by staff discretion.

VI. Results
Upon registration, you must state if you are able to take pictures of the GP end results.
b. Players who stated they are available to take pictures upon registration are responsible for posting the final results of the room.
b.i. In the event that above players do not post results, they will be banned for the next event. We will randomly select 3 teams to advance to the next round.​
c. Top 3 teams will advance to the next round (unless otherwise stated by organisers prior to the room starting, see IV. d.), while the other teams will be eliminated.
d. Once a player is eliminated, the player cannot take part in the tournament again.
e. When posting results make sure to clearly mark what room you were in, show who is proceeding to the next round, and next to their name make sure to post their friend code (FC).
f. Once one round finishes, we will wait for all the other rooms to finish before posting new groups.

VII. Conditional Participation
Players on the conditionals list in either WL (Wiimmfi League) or EL (Elite League) are allowed to participate, providing they perform the conditionals procedure for the finals.
b. Players on the banlist in either league are allowed to participate as well; however, they must stream their startup in a Skype/Discord call to an MKBoards staff member for every round.
c. Players are encouraged to load through CTGP with CTs on throughout the entire FFA, to minimise the requirement of conditionals procedures.
c.i. Draggable blues and other modifications that are not meant for the sole purpose of connecting to Wiimmfi must be turned OFF. Ignorance is Bliss must be turned OFF as well.​
c.ii. My Stuff folders may be used, so long as "No Replaced Tracks" is selected by the user.​
d. Players using any loader that is not banned in VII.d.i. must follow the EL procedure and stream their startup to a tournament host through Skype/Discord call. This is required during finals. unless using CTGP-R Launcher, in which case a call is not required (as EL's own exception also states). For more information on the conditionals procedure in EL, please see Rule XIII of the Elite League Ruleset.
d.i. The following are banned ways to load Mario Kart Wii for this tournament. Usage of these loaders will lead to disqualification instantly, and a ban from further tournaments at the discretion of staff:​
- Riivolution​
e. Absolutely no recordings allowed for conditionals--no exceptions.
f. Should a player fail to abide by above rules, they will be disqualified and removed from the finals room. A set of checks dependent on severity will be made to determine the length of their event ban.
f.i. Minor conditionals errors will result in a 2-month event ban.​
f.ii. Major conditionals errors will result in a 4-month event ban.​
f.iii. Not doing conditionals at all will result in a 6-month event ban.​

VIII. Tags
Teams of 2 must create unique tags to make your team distinct in these rounds.
b. You can not use the same tag as another team, and your tag must be the the same set of symbols/numbers/letters placed somewhere in your Mii name.
c. You can not use a tag that is related to the word, example, Player 1 - Cheeseburger, Player 2 - Fries

Sign-up Format:
Tag - Mii Name (Friend Code) (Discord Name#ID for hosts) (Twitch channel link for streamers)
Tag - Mii Name (Friend Code) (Twitch channel link for streamers)
Are you able to take pictures?: Yes/No

MKB Stunky (2237-2605-0050) (Stunky#4913) (http://twitch.tv/xStunky) Pictures?: Yes
MKB ace (1681-0385-2104)

All the best,
- MarioKartBoards Staff
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Thanks for the chance
Jun 3, 2018
Thread Starter #2
Registered Teams: 51 (102 players)
Unable to play/Invalid: 1
Teams Playing: 50
Hosts: 9
Hosts Needed (in total): 9

Bold = Host
Blue = Conditionals List (Either WL or EL)
Red = Ban List (Either WL or EL)
Strikethrough = Unable to participate

1) nas | nas (1337-4422-2869) & nas - (0478-4488-3103)
2) 24 | [email protected] (5071-1422-9099) & [email protected] (0177-7988-8666)
3) AFR | AFR Dr. TY (3055-4290-8275) (Edge#0429) & AFR Dr. D (5288-8108-8844)
4) Fω | Fω -efyl- (3956-0050-0279) & Fω♪Matt (3138-7048-8879)
5) BLATANT | BLATANT Ry (0564-3487-2969) & BLATANT Me (0693-1976-7033)
6) =⋆ | =⋆ Insane (3227-2277-6058) (ZJ#9838) & =⋆ Sphinx (3136-6964-3858)
7) elpers | Yigpelpers (3611-1232-8431) & Pigyelpers (4558-6675-6141)
8) R- | R- TALISCA (3527-8763-0388) & R-MONOBROW (3098-3778-7126)
9) awoo | awoo puf (3954-1658-1494) & awoo neu (0349-6004-3842)
10) MMM | MMM MOOX (4472-7680-2998) & MMM MILK (3697-4327-1061)
11) [¢β] | [¢β] Wally (0990-8193-1733) (Wally#5012) & [¢β] Nick (1981-6864-5239)
12) VA | VA hyuck5 (3825-9037-0366) (luke#3917) & VA Hikaru (4988-1642-8269)
13) ar | ar ABR (0948-5206-0233) & ar blunder (4730-4653-4052)
14) _ | ALX_ (0948-3054-2766) & FRZ_ (0906-2081-8940)
15) skinny | skinny arm (0993-8463-1234) & skinny leg (0478-4473-8833)
16) h5 | (h5)zero (5157-2898-8142) & (h5)norway (5241-5351-3963)
17) cc | cc♪t (2926-5805-9814) & cc m :3 (3785-5733-8379)
18) MI | MI☆lo (2882-3769-7743) & MI☆kip (0564-3489-3168)
19) chan | qtchan (1936-3457-2801) & suichan (1423-3424-2468)
20) CS | CS brnjipr (2883-6313-6953) & CSbeefstic (0176-0200-2003)
21) MALEGUYS | MALEGUYSjs (0864-9973-6932) & MALEGUYSjk (2411-1822-2434)
22) Mo | Mo TTV btw (2454-1345-7467) & Mo h (1550-8913-8958)
23) UGoGirl | UGoGirl*Em (0907-9466-8249) (Emblem#0597) & UGoGirl*Sa (5243-7160-5304)
24) sσρ | sσρ Epix (1595-1396-4278) & sσρ Pascal (5074-0644-0576)
25) G7 | G7 Manu (0907-9436-1764) & G7nains (2411-1838-1634)
26) cringe | cringe p (4000-3234-9902) & cringe b (0521-3997-7587)
27) A | A Viktor (4300-9706-5532) & A Trippy (1294-4917-9075)
28) PSYCHO | PSYCHOTIC (2926-5802-8816) & PSYCHOSIS (1981-6868-2283)
29) Grondski | Grondski D (4215-0694-1608) (Declan #6904) & Grondski F (2322-1130-5035)
30) GT | GT Dodo (2110-5361-6487) & GT embrez (5460-6107-9896)
31) FL | FL failry (0390-8333-9847) & LaReine★FL (2282-3349-0284)
32) ZEZE | ZEZE Kodak (2065-7782-0410) & ZEZE Realty (3699-6745-1611)
33) alting | Altingy (0006-0029-5335) & Altingp (4343-9204-5420)
34) λρ | λρ Jeenu(2277-9739-0522) & λρ Camelot(4300-9714-4283)
35) Mum | Mum#1 (1681-0385-2104) & Mum#2 (2411-1855-6337)
36) #NanyRaid | #NanyRaid (0650-2477-5001) & #NanyRaid P (2110-5381-1310)
37) Vry | Vry Yagi (3137-9693-6377) & Vry Yago (2237-7696-7057)
38) DM | DM Justin (2368-2338-6841) & DM Neak (2065-0853-3104)
39) AB | AB Luis (5374-7123-7143) & AB geno (0134-8531-2506)
40) EA | EA 2s (3098-3781-6093) & EA rute (0349-6004-3835)
41) Mw | Mw Carpe (2966-6524-7278) & Mw ZHANG (4343-9194-1462)
42) GAMT | GAMT Owen? (0990-5705-3575) & GAMT grrr (2581-1546-0143)
43) Dz | Dz L's (5202-9133-8098) & Dzenciaga (2752-5889-8498)
44) WEEB | WEEB Light (0564-3487-2969) & WEEB Dark (0435-5006-0122)
45) CS | CS Kappa (4988-1640-7334) & CS Dav (5115-3555-2609)
46) 69 | 69 able(1289-9874-3388) & 69 pipe (0864-9965-5351)
47) Zawsze | Zawsze☆L (0607-2968-3048) & Zawsze☆U (0864-9968-5547)
48) Fλ | Fλ Dray (2325-2852-4389) & Fλ Alice (3998-8851-7179)
49) I$ | I$ Kiralte (0392-5499-9455) & I$ Daviid (1681-0410-1038)
50) Rc | Rc ? (4902-2655-2867) & Rc BRY (4687-5175-8379)
51) wZ | wZ Crash (1079-7437-2221) & wZ hawk (1466-2912-4463)

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Thanks for the chance
Jun 3, 2018
Thread Starter #3
This thread is now public, please feel free to sign up and let any member of MarioKartBoards staff know of any issues.


Former World Cup Staff
Jun 25, 2018
BLATANT Ry (0564-3487-2969)
BLATANT Me (0693-1976-7033)