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Jul 2, 2018
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DISCLAIMER: Dates and final, specific formats will be finalized once all participating teams are confirmed - this may change depending on the number of teams we receive. ❗

CONFIRM YOUR TEAM FOR MKPS '21 HERE: https://www.mariokartboards.com/threads/spring-split-21-team-confirmations.9075/


Hey all, welcome to the MKPS ‘21 announcement thread! After a rather successful debut season, we hope to further grow the MKW competitive scene and provide a foundation for the community to participate in fun, well-organised, events, in the form of a circuit.

This thread is essentially a draft of the format proposed for the MKPS ‘20 season. The draft assumes 42 teams (like last season) for all events, but will work just as fine with more or less, simply requiring byes here and there depending on the true number of teams signing up. We can always slightly adjust the formats if required.

All dates provided are preliminary, and will most likely be off, since we won’t have exactly 42 teams.


Registration is now open for MKPS!

One important note is that, as a player, you will be able to register for a MAXIMUM of 2 teams in the entire season/year. As a team, you will be allowed to transfer in a MAXIMUM of 3 players after each tournament. You may transfer as much as you want from team to team before the first MKPS event, but any time after this, the registration rule above WILL apply.

Below are a few places to make your registrations, please ensure you make your thread in the current spot:

MarioKartBoards Registry: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xFD8IyC61Ihkw72cc9jddIfq8XUP6dduCMiG5HqFQa0/edit?usp=sharing
New Team Registrations (only for NEW teams!): https://www.mariokartboards.com/forums/mkps-clan-registrations.599/
New Player Registrations (only for players NOT on the registry!): https://www.mariokartboards.com/forums/mkps-player-registrations.597/
Player Transfers (only for players ON the registry!): https://www.mariokartboards.com/forums/mkps-transfers.598/
FC Updates (only for players ON the registry!): https://www.mariokartboards.com/forums/fc-updates.452/

Spring Split


Spring Split will be more-or-less identical to last year’s Spring Split, graphic which can be seen here:

  • The top x (i.e. 7 last season) teams will be separated and placed into individual groups, decided on by MKPS Board.

  • The rest of the teams will randomly be allotted in each group, accompanied by an annual MKPS drawing stream.

  • A single round robin (SRR) is played: each team plays another once in their group.

  • The top half advance to the Upper Bracket, whereas the bottom half of each group are placed in a lower bracket.

  • Both these brackets will be single-elimination. The #1 of each group will be seeds #1-7, and the rest of the seeds will be determined by win-record and then +/-.

  • If we do not achieve 42 teams, we will simply split groups into another multiple of a number, and keep everything else the same, compared to last year’s Spring Split.


13th March - Group Stage: Week 1
20th March - Group Stage: Week 2
27th February - Group Stage: Week 3
3rd April - Group Stage: Week 4
10th April - Group Stage: Week 5

17th April - Bracket Stage: Round 1 (Round of 32)
24th April - Bracket Stage: Round 2 (Round of 16)
1st May - Bracket Stage: Round 3 (Quarter-finals)
8th May - Bracket Stage: Round 4 (Semi-finals)
15th May - Bracket Stage: Round 5 (Grand-finals)

Weekend Tournaments 1 & 2


  • The format for the weekend tournaments are currently undecided, and will be revealed down the road. We are thinking about implementing a few of the features of a mod that Joris brought up in the #suggestions channel within the MKPS Discord server: https://prnt.sc/zs2ht7 , but any suggestions are welcome!

  • These tournaments will generally place across 1 weekend each, but the dates below show 2 extra weeks, just in case they’re needed.

  • The format of these will be quite simple, and may involve the Swiss format, single elimination, round robin 2 GP’s into brackets, etc.

29th May - Weekend Tournament #1: Part 1
5th June - Weekend Tournament #1 - Part 2
12th June - Weekend Tournament #2 - Part 1
19th June - Weekend Tournament #2 - Part 2

Summer Split

Spring Split will be a more-or-less identical version of the 2nd Weekend Tournament we had last season.

  • Based on their CP, teams will be awarded certain seeds. However, teams that did not participate in all events up until this stage will be seeded manually by Board staff, using CP gathered until Summer Split and intuition - this is to prevent scenarios where teams like Vellichor or hurusato had to start in D3 and D4, for instance, for simply missing the first half of the season. This will allow for a fairer experience for all teams.

  • Teams will be split into poules - top 8 teams in groups of their own, the next 8 teams in separate groups, then the 3rd set of 8 teams in different groups, etc. i.e.:
    Group A: #1, #9, #17, #25
    Group B: #2, #10, #18, #26

  • Positions in each group will determine which bracket you advance to - all teams who finished 1st in their group will be in a bracket, all teams who finished 2nd in their groups in another, etc.

  • Even if we don’t have 8 separate, we can easily incorporate byes into the bracket stages to make up for this.

3rd July - Group Stage: Week 1
10th July - Group Stage: Week 2
17th July - Group Stage: Week 3
24th July - Bracket Stage: Round 1 (Quarter-finals)
31st July - Bracket Stage: Round 2 (Semi-finals)
7th August - Bracket Stage: Round 3 (Grand-finals)

Final Tournament(s!)

Just like last year, we’re including a tournament for the top teams at the end of MKPS, with 1 small twist - every other team will also be able to compete in their own final tournament of the year!

Format: Final Tournament - Top Teams
  • Instead of only 8 teams like last season in the final tournament, we’ll be inviting 16 total teams for this event! However, only 8 of them will be advancing to the bracket stage.

  • The top 16 teams, by CP, will be split into 4 separate groups - this will most likely be following a snaking system to seed the teams into their groups:

    Group A: #1, #8, #9, #16
    Group B: #2, #7, #10, #15, etc.

  • The top 2 of each group will advance to a single-elimination BO3 bracket.

21st August - Group Stage: Week 1
28th August - Group Stage: Week 2
4th September - Group Stage: Week 3
11th September - Group Stage: Week 4
18th September - Group Stage: Week 5
25th September - Group Stage: Week 6
2nd October - Bracket Stage: Round 1 (Quarter-finals)
9th October - Bracket Stage: Round 2 (Semi-finals)
16th October - Bracket Stage: Round 3 (Grand-finals)

Format: Final Tournament - Everybody Else
  • ALL non-top-16-CP teams will be able to partake in this tournament if they wish, to close out the season.

  • The format will include a manually seeded large single/double elimination tourney (TBD).

  • By including such a tourney, we hope to give more teams more matches, and a more enjoyable experience as a whole - since all the top teams would be playing in their own final tournament, this would allow for fairer competition among the middle-division teams in a MKPS setting.
  • Dates are TBD, depending on whether we’ll be having a single/double elimination format, but will take place simultaneously as the top-16 final tournament.

And, that’s about it for now! We’ve taken a lot of feedback into consideration, and hopefully this season of MKPS will be even better than its inaugural season. Like always, if you’ve got any questions, remarks, or feedback, feel free to leave a comment on the thread, or join the MKPS Discord Server here, to do the same: https://discord.gg/HdhdE6j
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Jun 24, 2018
Metro Wipeout
I'm going to make a list of a few points that I've seen people bring up in discussion in the past hour or so.

1. Why another full-year season? Last year it dragged on weeks past its intended deadline and teams were heavily burnt out from having to stay dedicated for almost 10 months. This can be seen through teams such as Ethereal, wollywogZ, Phantasmagoria, and numerous others from top- to bottom-tier opting not to participate again. Having another one of these lengthy seasons would most likely just dissuade more teams from playing again.

2. Why is the final tournament a top 16? The "top 8" tournament was one of the most enticing concepts presented in MKPS 2020. It was a perfect balance between inclusivity and competitiveness. It also allowed every match in the knockout stage to be casted, which will most certainly not be possible in a 16-team tournament. Further, allowing twice as many teams into the final tournament makes the Spring and Summer split infinitely less important. I don't imagine many teams will be signing up for the weekend tournaments knowing that they only need to hit top 16 CP to qualify for the final gauntlet.

3. Why is the Spring Split formatted the same way as it was last season? The vast majority of teams expressed their displeasure with the randomized-group format last year, as it led to wildly unbalanced groups. I think it was fine for a trial run, but now that we've played through a full season already I think we should be able to create a more efficient format.

There are some changes that I and others appreciate, such as having only 2 weekend tournaments, and hosting a tournament for the teams that don't make it into the final gauntlet. Your work on this project is appreciated by the community, but I believe many of us are asking the same questions that I've just listed out.


New member
Mar 11, 2019
Low Div Player here so not sure how helpful this might be, but I have run tournaments in bowling before and I think I have a few solutions to some things I’ve heard from players, as well as making matches more competitive and fun to watch for all.

First off, my original idea was to have (say 32 teams) be ranked by the bored and seeded accordingly. Then, the teams would be drawn into 8 groups of 4, playing 2 matches against each other. These matches could match results as we normally think of as win-loss-tie depending on totals. This could be changed based off 2 points systems I have seen used in bowling leagues.
1. Have each gp count as 1 point (in bowling league you bowl 3 games each night) and totals count as 2 points (5 points total for each match). This could keep players and fans interested in matches as even if a team is down by a large amount after 2gps, they could win gp3 and still gain a point.
2. Commonly referred to as “Swedish League”, each player on the team competes directly against another player from the other team. In bowling this is much easier to see as it is just 1st person on each team, 2nd on each team, etc. I suggest 2 ways this system could work is by making it 1st on each team to join room, 2nd to join, etc. Otherwise, you could do 1st on each team overall, 2nd overall, etc. You get a point for each “matchup” you win, 5 in total. With this system, new strategies could be in place, like not only waiting on line for blue, but letting a teammate take a higher spot than you to beat their respective opponent, as well as the risk/reward of possible 5 running tracks. In addition, this also keeps matches more interesting as teams can still salvage points, even if the totals aren’t in their favor.

With either of these systems in place, or the usual system, you would then divide each group of 4 based on top 2 teams and bottom 2 teams. Top 2 teams advance to a 16 team double-elimination bracket, as well as the bottom 2 teams, then run the 2 tournaments.

Once again, not really one to make suggestions in this community, just wanted to pitch some ideas and see what kinda feedback you guys think of.