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Jun 29, 2018
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Welcome to MKClub!
We host tournaments
1st Tournament Saturday October 27th 3PM EST (5:00 am Sunday, Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) (12PM Saturday, PST) FFA

1. If You Can't Make the Event Time (Before the Whole Tournament Starts) PM One of the mods or above.
2. If you cant make the event time (during a Round Robin Season) PM One of the mods or above.
3. No Hacking/DDOSing (Even if it is just threats.)
4. Make sure to be nice during the game.
5. If a player disconnects during the GP, they get 3 points for every track they miss, and 15 for every GP they miss.
6. Make sure to have your manners and Sportsmanship and say GG after the game at least. (c:)
7. No Glitches/Bugs.
8. Host will reopen room if 3 or more players Disconnect.
9. Don't Change Your FC Until the Tournament is Over.
10. Once the room is open, All players will have 10 Minutes to join, or they will not receive any points (unless within reason.)

How To Sign Up!
To Sign Up, You will need to join the discord server, then use the format located in the pinned tab.
Then fill out the Requirements.

If you have any other questions, Please DM me on discord and i will try to catch up to you ASAP. MY DISCORD: bawp#7500 OR Nany#2797
Make sure to read the discord first, as it might cover any questions not answered here.